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Town Expansion vs Multi Town


Hi! I've got a few questions regarding the town expansion and multi-town. 


Currently, I've expanded my town until the 40x40 hearts limit but I'm running out of room and everything is so cluttered. :o  

The subsequent expansions are seeds-only, so I'm now deciding whether to continue expanding my town, or to get a 2nd town for 150 seeds.

Is it worthwhile getting the 2nd town? Or is it better to just concentrate on one massive town?


From H0n3b33's post above, the expansion for the multi-town will be seed-only? How much do the expansions cost?

Does the multi-town come completely empty, or with the 4 buildings in the preview picture? 

Can we shift all our crop plots from our main town to the 2nd town? 


Regarding the Challenge Quest, does the quest start counting down immediately after purchasing the 2nd town, or can we choose to delay starting it until we're ready?


Thanks so much for your help! :x

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I would suggest the second town if you had the seeds needed to buy it and expand. The perks of having it are being able to have more fields and room to fit some eco items (when you first buy it since it isn't very big), however you can't shift your fields from the main town to the second town.  As a result of having double the amount of fields, you will be able to level up quicker (if you grow crops with high xp) and you will get more crops at once if you use both sets of fields.. Although, as you stated, to expand you have to use seeds. The cost of expansion goes up by 5 seeds and then by 10. My second town is currently at 38x38 and the cost to expand to 40x40 is 80 seeds. The expansion after that. 42x42, is 90 seeds.


The Challenge Quests for the second town will begin immediately, so for example if you bought the second town tonight you would have 30 days, which is the same amount of time that as of tonight everyone has to complete the quests.


 Overall it really depends on how much you want to spend. With the second town, it's going to use up a lot of seeds, buying it (150 seeds) and expanding it.If all you need is more room for mills and structures then i suggest maxing out your main town and buying structures that don't take up a lot of room but have high eco. If you want to level up quicker and get a bit more eco, then I suggest the second town. 


Hope this helps!

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Hi! Yeah I had the same question about whether to do multi-town or 2nd town! I'll tell you what I found out.


The 2nd town comes exactly like the picture! All the items and buildings come with it. I want to say it's like +20-30k eco right off the bat you gain. Eco is shared between both towns, so you can put all eco in one town and all mills in the other if you want. Also just a note, the items we get are the gold-versions, not the seed-versions, as far as their eco-count. Unfortunately when you pick up enough items to put down your fields, you end up breaking even on eco. So when you open a 2nd town and put your fields down in it, you can't really do much in your first town by way of adding more mills or anything.


You can't move your crop fields from town 1 to town 2 - each town has their own set of plots. So if you can have 20 fields, when you get the 2nd town you get to put up to 20 fields in that 2nd town. Fields make the most XP per square so by opening up a 2nd town you will get a lot more xp than if you just expanded your first town, so if fast leveling is important than I'd say that alone makes opening a 2nd town worth it!


Expansion costs. So it's 18x18 to start off, and it costs 15 seeds to expand to 20x20.

22x22 = 20 seeds

24x24 = 25 seeds

26x26 = 30 seeds

28x28 = 35 seeds

30x30 = 40 seeds

32x32 = 45 seeds

34x34 = 50 seeds

36x36 = 60 seeds

38x38 = 70 seeds

40x40 = 80 seeds

42x42 = 90 seeds

44x44 = 100 seeds

46x46 = 110 seeds

48x48 = 120 seeds

50x50 = 130 seeds

52x52 = 140 seeds

54x54 = 150 seeds


Sooo is it worth it to get the 2nd town? Well it depends - if you just want more room for decorating, I'd say stick with expanding the first town, since you can't really hide things away in the 2nd town until it's expanded significantly. If you want more XP I'd say get the 2nd town, because having a second set of fields helps a lot. If you are ok with dropping a lot of seeds on expanding the 2nd town into being a more useful size then definitely go for 2nd town. The challenge quests give a lot of gold but the 1.5mil gold one requires you buy the 45 seed, lvl 39 factory though, and since the counter starts immediately, you can miss out if you aren't high enough level. That's what happened to me with the last update and the jam-set mill quest. T^T


Anyway!! Hope that helps! Have fun!

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♡Michelle♡ and H0n3b33, thanks so much for the helpful advice! You guys really helped clear a lot of my doubts. :x


I've decided to focus on expanding my main town for now. At my current level (33), I guess it would be rather foolhardy to rush into getting a multi-town, especially with the demanding Challenge Quests. I'll wait till I reach level 40, so I will be more prepared. Hopefully I would have saved enough seeds then to make the 2nd town worth it.


Is there a list of the Challenge quests available? Are the amounts really massive? I often see high level players in my friends list (lvl 43-50) with huge numbers of cereal bar mills in their towns. O.o

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The current quests are:

-Produce 750 Bluebberies and sell 600 blueberries

Reward: 565k Gold

-Produce 100 sausage and sell 60 sausage

Reward: 791k Gold

-Produce 55 Cheese Dog and sell 40 Cheese Dog

Reward:1,695,000 gold and the Challenge Trophy (it's an eco item)

As of now we have 29 days to complete them.


As for the cereal bars, me and many other players have them because they give them most xp (aside from the Roast Chicken mill) and the product can be sold for a good amount of gold! Also, it's a lot cheaper than the Roast Chicken mill. Cereal Bar mill is 29 seeds while the Roast Chicken mill is 55 seeds. 


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Questions regarding the 2nd Town quest.


Any idea if the quest remains the same each level i.e.22x22 will be the same quest for all at the level, 24.x24 will be the same quest at this level etc, OR the quest varies based on the period of time? Say if i open the 2nd town tonight, will I start my quest based on 22x22 or will based on the current quest that is running?


And let's say if i finish the 1st quest for 22x22, will I get another quest, or i will have to level up to 24x24 to get the quest?


Really interested to open the 2nd town for quest challenge but worry if I am able to complete the quest on time as i am a full time working mum...What are the duration for all quest? I am at Level 41 now...will the quest requires a higher level mills in order to achieve it?


Appreciate if all of you good and experienced players share some of your experiences and insights on this =)

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The challenge quests are usually about a month, and go along with that current update. Right now we have harvest/sell grapes, harvest/sell wool, harvest/sell parfait pudding. We usually have an update biweekly, so we will have another update, and the following one, we will get new challenges to go with it. The challenges are the same no matter the size of your town, your level, or when you open it. If you open multi town and there's only 2 days left, that's all there is until the new one resets. But for some reason, if say the mill challenge was unattainable that the level was too high or whatever, the first 2 challenges are pretty much doable for just about anyone-- and they are worth a lot of gold.. so still worth it. And with double crops, the crop challenge is cake, the pen challenge is too pretty much.. if you have a pr pen, it will be easier, but I usually just run 2-3 pens at the same time and get it done pretty quick. I usually finish all of the challenge quests in about 2 weeks or less, so they do give ample time to complete. Hope this helps.

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