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[UPDATE] 15:00 ~ 17:00 18th April (UTC)

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Hello Villagers!


We are planning to hold a temporary maintenance for update.

Please note that EVERYTOWN will be inaccessible due to server maintenance.




■ Maintenance Time: 18h April 15:00-17:00 (UTC+9)

* Maintenance end time may be subject to change under certain circumstances.


Please refer to the below details:


1.Premium Package Items ADDED

- Premium Packages are available at Shop. The corresponding items will be given when purchasing the packages.


- Frugality Package: Premium Meatball Gratin Shop

Added (IOS/AOS)

- Substantial Package: Premium Mince Pie Shop Added (IOS/AOS)

- VIP Frugality Package: Premium Meatball Gratin Shop

Added (IOS/AOS)

- VIP Substantial Package: Premium Mince Pie Shop Added (IOS/AOS)


2. New Shop (9)

Green Tea Cake Shop

Clafoutis Shop

Mojito Cake Shop

Premium Meatball Gratin Shop

Premium Mince Pie Shop

Premium Shampoo Mill

[Theme Park] Boutique I

[Theme Park] Maze

[Theme Park] Mini Slide


3. New Sky Decoration (1)

Rose Hot-air Balloon


4. New Craft Pattern (1)

 [Theme Park] Mini Slide


5. New Gathering Lunch Box (1)

Mojito Cake


6. New Random Box (2)

 [Ltd] Cheeseburger



7. New Trade Shop (1)

Ravioli Shop


8.  New Gift Shop (for Android only)

Premium Goat Pen

Premium Duck Pen

Premium Cheese Mill

PR Peanut Butter Mill

Premium Sugar Mill

Premium Winery

Premium Coke Mill

Premium Pepper Mill

Premium Tofu Mill


9. New Heart Decorations in May

White Rose Wall

Red Rose Wall

Lotus Water 1

Lotus Water 2

Spring Picnic

Rose Bridge

Flower Seller

Rose Fountain

Boy Monk

Tire Swing


Have a nice day and enjoy your time in a new EVERYTOWN!


Thank you!

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