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Regarding Display Error on Villager Outfit Prices

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Hello Villagers! Welcome to EVERYTOWN!


We have confirmed that there is wrong display on Villager Outfits’ prices after the Seed Item Discount Event period on 2/14 ~ 3/14.

Such error is scheduled to be fixed within today around 12:12 (UTC +9).

Before the modification, the displayed prices were shown in a discounted price at event period.

But it is confirmed that the seed deducted was not discounted when the item was purchased. Hence a modification is carried out to fix the issue.

For the villagers who purchased Seed-purchasable Villager Outfits in an incorrect price during the period (after the update on 3/14 until the error is fixed), we have scheduled to send back the wrongly-deducted seeds to in-game mailbox. (Within 4/5(Fri))

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused.


Thank you!

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