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Google Plus Login Termination Additional Notice

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Greetings from EVERYTOWN!


As mentioned in the previous notice, the login support of Google Plus (Google+) has been terminated on 8th March. 
(The login service supported by the Google Plus API was terminated on 8th March and the Google Plus SNS service is scheduled to be terminated on 2nd April.)

It has been confirmed internally that the termination of Google Plus (Google+) so far has not caused any login inaccessibility issues. 

Users who login the game with Google Play account, are still able to access the game as usual. 

Due to the termination of Google Plus (Google+), users who are using Google Play account are now able to request account data transfer by reaching our CS support. Our CS team will provide a further guidance regarding the account transfer. 
Any account transfer request due to other causes, kindly register an inquiry as well. 

Google accounts users who have encountered login issues, please feel free to reach our Customer Center. We will try our best to assist you with the solutions. 

For any questions regarding the notice, kindly contact our Customer Center. We will provide more tailored assistance via 1:1 inquiry. 

Thank you!

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I hope it is okay, to answer here in this topic ^^"


I want to keep my account, so how do I change the SNS-Account-Login?

Or better - where can I find the CS-Support?

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