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Retrieving accounts?


A good day to everyone!

I am asking this on behalf of my friend Blairchan, you might have come across her in-game already, she has just recently overwritten her account by mistake and had to start a new account. She since has mailed the support system and is awaiting an answer. 

So my question is, mainly towards those who were in a similar situation: Have you had success in retrieving your account, after losing access? How long did it take? Or how much is the support working nowadays, if you had any contact with them?

Appreciate any answers from those still lurking this forum! ?


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Hey Aurlee,

thanks for your answer, much appreciated. This does sound promising and I will pass it on to her. Seems like all that can be done now, is to wait and see.


Edit: See got her account back yesterday  :)

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Hihi, I personally haven't had this happened to me yet but I have seen it happen quite a bit to others. From what I've seen the whole process is pretty quick, it usually takes 2-4 days before they're able to to recover the account. I don't think I've ever heard of a case where they are unable to recover an overwritten account so tell your friend not to worry and hope to see them in game again soon! 


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