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Opting Out of Advertisements and Deleting Game Data

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Greetings from Flero Games.


Please see below for further information about opting out of advertisements and deleting game data .


1. Opting out of Advertisements


Every Flero Games applications have mobile ad results and solution for application analysis. 

We collect users data to use and analyze the solution including advertising identifier for targeted advertising.

Please note that advertisements can be exposed to individuals via advertising identifiers and you can limit targeted advertising by opt-out.

By installing and using our apps, you agree that your information can be collected and 

processed by third parties and advertising identifiers.

Please refer to the list of advertising solution below for more information.

If you dont agree, you can opt-out each advertising solutions.



[ Flero Games (Apps) ]

- EVERYTOWN Global : Tapjoy, Adbrix

- My Secret Bistro Global : Adbrix, Adjust

- Goddess Kiss Global : Adjust, Adbrix



- iOS Ads Setting


- Google

Privacy Policy -

Opt-Out -


- TapJoy

Privacy Policy -

Opt-Out -


- IGWorks (=Adbrix )

Privacy Policy -


- Adjust

Privacy Policy -

Opt-Out -


- Facebook

Privacy Policy -

Opt-Out -


- Twitter

Privacy Policy -

Opt-Out -



2. Storing and Deleting Your Game Data


We collect and store your game data for better assistance, however,

you can ask us to delete your data anytime if you wish us to remove your personal information.

If you would like to delete your game data, 

please fill the request form below and send an inquiry to support team with it.



[ Game Data Deletion Request]

- Game :

- Nickname: nickname of the account you want to delete

- ID you want to delete : Log in ID or screenshot

- Account cannot be recovered or money refunded after deletion. Do you agree?

Yes or No

:Your game data can not be transferred to different game.

You cant check your game data after deletion.

Nickname and ID should match for account recovery.

A screenshot of an in-app purchase receipt would be required for additional information check.

Please send your inquiry via in-game Help for better assistance.




- Check ID : Toolbox (in the bottom right corner of the screen)  > option > AppID

- Inquiry : Toolbox (in the bottom right corner of the screen)  > option > contact > Help Center



Thank you.


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