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[UPDATE] May. 17 06:00 - 08:20 (UTC)

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Hello everyone!


We have a scheduled maintenance planned on the following date and time.

Please be aware that the server will be down during the maintenance,

and you won’t be able to access the game.


Maintenance Date/Time : May 17 06:00 ~ 08:20 (UTC)

* The maintenance time is subject to change under certain circumstances.


Please refer to the patch note below for details



<May. 17 Patch Note >


1. New Shops

Chili Shop

Granita Shop

Lavender Shop

Green Tea Chiffon Cake Shop

Souffle Omelet Shop

Shrimp Gratin Shop


2. New Landmark

[LND] Yggdrasil Sapling

[LND] Blue Bird Pond


3. New Villager Outfit

Blue Bonnet


4. New Gathering Lunchbox

Green Tea Chiffon Cake

Souffle Omelet

Queso Blanco



5. New Random Boxes

[Ltd] Dorayaki Shop



6. New Trade Shop

Schneeball Shop


7. New Gift Shop (for Android only)

Premium Goat Pen

Premium Duck Pen

Premium Cheese Mill

PR Peanut Butter Mill

Premium Sugar Mill

Premium Winery

Premium Coke Mill

Premium Pepper Mill

Premium Tofu Mill


8. New June Heart Decorations

Cat Shelter

Water Boy

Tea Time Garden

Umbrella Girl

Rainbow Pond

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