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What is this feature in KET?


Hello! I have recently downloaded the Korean version of ET. I must say, I like how KET always collaborate with companies to create beautiful shops. Even the landmarks and features such as neighbourhood and couple system are quite interesting. So anyway, I was navigating my way around the game and I saw this feature. What caught my attention is this yellow bar thingy with the word 'Touch!'. When I clicked on it, a LOT of SS and S craft materials show up! WoW :D Tom, may I know what feature is this? I don't know Hangul so I can't read what it was, thank you!


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Not 100% sure but from what I understand it's a trading system, basically people asking for specific things at the price they are willing to pay (the offering price, if it is similar to other games, can be a lot higher than the maximum market price) and if you have them and you like the offering price  you sell it to them. You yourself can ask for items at the tab right next to this one, the one with the cart with 2 arrows.


When you toggle that touch button you toggle the search between trading (people asking for specific things) and market (what we  have now).


Hope this helps.

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