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Everytown really need event

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Hi all, it's been a while I haven't post anything in forum. I been busy for months and I still busy ^^;


So today I want to touch about everytown event. Everytown used to have lots of events. This year Everytown seems to be less active in event & the game become very quiet, some players become bore and leave in process too cause of it...


That is why I start this topic since I feel Everytown need to make an event, to keep their player excited and continue playing.

The event doesn't need to be often, it can just for certain big holiday like: Halloween, thanksgiving, Christmas, and so on.


The event also no need to be big either, here are few ideas of events maybe everytown can consider:

1) It can be special shop or decoration for the holiday event (everyone can get it if the participate during the event time)

2) It can be attendance event where you will earn gift every time you login during the event & if you have perfect attendance you got something special

3) Coin shop discount event (give people chance to decorate or build shops & mill in their town, might be good for starter player)

4) Half price random box event (Ps for starter player: Please remember there is possible chance you will still not win what you want after so many spins, it is all base by luck)

5) Collaboration event (like hello kitty or etc) You can do the event once a year maybe

That's what I have so far, Feel free to add more if you guys have more ideas. Thank you for your time.

I hope Tom & staffs read this post & may this be useful for Everytown.

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