《FINISHED》 Open Mills & Exchanges

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Hi guys! I have a bunch of pr mills that are free to help and I've got a list of mills that are open for exchange :)


IGN: Sapphyre


Mills open for exchange:

Cheese Fondue

Fruit Ice Cream



ET Sweet Shop


Just a quick note to say that you can ask me for the pass for mills to help once until I find someone to exchange them with! 

Also please message me that you came from forum so that I can add you back ^^


See you all soon and happy playing! :D


Edited by Sapphyre

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23 hours ago, Ari Senpai said:

Sure What would you like to trade for the ET Sweet Shop



Hi sorry but I've already found someone to exchange with! :( 

I will add you in-game tho! See you there ^^

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