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Buying crafting supplies! Willing to trade! NEED 2 Oil, 2 Gold, 1 Diamond & More! TRADING some items including Pearls, Mid-class wood, and more!

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I know that I'm basically asking for a favor more than anything LOL! If you would like to sell me any of these items, OR make a trade, please message me privately here or in the game!!



I'm running all 12 villagers every 4hrs, and trying to find them on the marketplace, but the S & SS stuff is so rare I figured I would ask here too!!


I am currently looking for!


Go-Kart! (SO CLOSE!!)

  • 2 Oil!

Purple Porphyry Bridge! (ALSO SOO CLOSE!!)

  • 2 Gold!

Unadon Shop!

  • 3 Oil!
  • 2 Quartz!

Salmon Pasta Shop!

  • 1 Diamond!
  • 5 Gold!
  • 12 Iron!
  • 3 High-Class Fir!

Peridot Brooch Shop!

  • 3 Alluvial Gold!
  • 4 High-Class Hinoki!
  • 44 Natural Ore!



ALSO I am willing to trade items I currently have "extra" of! (Trading would basically be putting our items up with a password at the same time, passwords either messaged to each other here or in game)

Items I am willing to trade! (NOT selling these items, sorry!! I figure I'll need em later so I'm saving them for now if I can't use in trading)


S-Class items FOR TRADING:

  • 5 Pearls

A-Class items FOR TRADING:

  • 6 Glass
  • 7 Mid-Class Hinoki
  • 70 Silver
  • 53 Mid-Class Fir
  • 100 High-Class Water

B-Class items FOR TRADING:

  • 6 Gravel
  • 80 Low-Class Water
  • 80 Soil

C-Class items FOR TRADING:

  • 15 Sand
  • 150 Moss

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