You All Rock!!!

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I wanted to tell everyone in this community how much I appreciate them and how lovely and sweet everyone is!! Playing other games just isn't the same as playing Everytown! Everyone is generally so much more caring than in other games :) 



Thank you ALL for being the understanding and helpful neighbors that you all are !! And thank you for all my mutuals :D 

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Aw!  You guys are sweet.  I feel the love.  I think ET is such a sweet, cute, happy, feel good game that it naturally attracts the same kind of people.  On a side note, playing the game during winter always makes me crave sunshine and being outside. @Happy3

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This is the best game community I've ever been to. Though there are only a very few bad apples every now and then but I usually ignore those. Also, I'm so glad there aren't any trolls (bullies) in this game. ^_^ This is why I kept coming back to this game despite of how busy my life is. 


I myself have played lots of other games for a long long time and most of those communities out there are getting more toxic that really makes me sometimes give up on playing any game in general. But here, everyone just lets everyone else enjoy the game without ruining it for others. (Everybody's just chillin' in Everytown! ♥ ♥ ♥ ) 


In short, I absolutely agree with @RavenKat, I love this community! ^_^ 


(Long Live (and Love) Everytown! ♥♥♥)

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