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What is [Craft]?

Using the Products collected through "Gather," you can [Craft] Shops/Structures/Theme Park.


* Please refer to the FAQ on [Gather] before proceeding if you haven't done so already!


1. Prepare to Gather!

Your Town level must be at least 40, and you need the materials that have been Gathered.



Go to [Gather/Craft - Craft].




1) Types of items that can be Crafted: Mill/Shop, Structure, Unique Structure

2) Required/Owned number of materials are given. The details of the item can be revealed as well by tapping on the magnifying glass.

3) Crafting time and limit

4) You need the required materials as well as Gold/SEEDs. Using Gold takes time, while using SEEDs does not.

5) Insufficient materials are marked in red.

6) Go Gather to collect insufficient materials.


2. Start Crafting!



1) You will see the "Crafting Done" button, on which you can tap to claim the Crafted item.

2) Yay! New Item stored in the Inventory!


3. Things to Remember!

1) Your Town level needs to be at least 40 to Craft.

2) You need Gathered materials to Craft.

3) You can Craft multiple items at a time as long as you have required materials and Gold/SEEDs.

4) If you have met the limit for an item, you will not be able to Craft the item anymore.

5) Please be cautious as the goods spent on Crafting will not be refunded.

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On 2/8/2017 at 0:56 AM, Slushious said:

Question : To use seed to purchase the craft item, say 50 seeds to purchase the oil. How many oil can we get with 50 seeds?




Just one sadly

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