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[FEATURE] Train Station

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* What is Train Station?

Train Station is a new type of quest that provides various rewards after completion.


1. How to use Train Station

1) Train Station is located at the bottom left page of the game. You can use the menu on any one of main/multi town.



2) The number of the train’s cars are randomly chosen from 3 ~ 5.

3) Gold is rewarded when you send the required products. The bonuses from Villagers’ outfits apply when receiving Gold. Please note that Gold is immediately added to your account (not sent via Mail).

4) If you have the required amount of the products, you can load the them on the train by pressing the products and then [Load].

5) If you do not have the required amount of the products, you should see a [Market] button, where you can buy the products from other players. You can also use Seeds to instantly Pass the requirement!




2. Details of Train Station

1) Train Station consists of 3 Platforms, one of which is already available to all players at level 40. Additional Platforms may be unlocked by using Seeds. The last Platform requires Union Membership to unlock it.



2) Rewards

- The rewards for completing the Train Station quests are sent after completing all quests for the train.

- After completing all quests on a train, it takes some time for the train to arrive with rewards. After its arrival, you can tap on each reward to obtain it. Note that the rewards are immediately added to your account (not sent via Mail).

- You can [Pass] the timer instantly using Seeds and receive the rewards without having to wait for them.




- Rewards are randomly chosen from following goods: Gold, Seeds, Hearts, XP, Products, Crops

   * Rewards may change in the future updates

   * Seeds used in Train Station will NOT be recoverable. Please use them carefully.


Please make good use of new updated [Train Station].

Thank you!



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Thank you Tom for an FAQ!!!


For anyone out there wondering what types of things the train asks for then rewards, I'm going to post my quests! 


1. (3 cars of veggies, 1 stack of roast duck)

reward: 400xp, 100 hearts, 6 salt


2. 24 onion rings, (3 stacks of random produce)

reward: 10k gold, 10 cola


3. 12 napa cabbage, 15 aroma, 10 carrot, 24 ginger
reward: 12,000 gold, 400 xp

4. 44 rice, 12 turmeric, 8 white wine, 8 oil
reward: 25,000 gold, 5 pepper, 10 cola

5. 12 strawberry jam, 6 fruit juice, 4 veggie curry
reward: 25,000 gold, 1 seed

6. 42 popcorn, 18 steak, 15 cherry ice cream, 20 duck meat

reward: ?


will update as I do more.


Verdict: most quests so far have just been a gold sink (selling items to train for same price as selling to storage instead of selling for much higher on marketplace) with little to no reward to make up for it. If you do have lots of gold to throw at the train for the hopes of XP, that gold is much better spent on help coupons. If you need cola/salt/pepper/syrup, it's much cheaper to buy on marketplace. If you want the occasional 1 seed however this might be worth the gold sink. I will definitely keep doing it for a while to see how much gold on average it costs me to feed the train vs how much XP and seeds I get out of it!

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I really like this new feature so thank you for adding it! However I'd like to offer some feedback/opinions/questions (for developers and fellow users that are interested!)


After using the train feature for a few days theres a few things I personally think would make this more appealing to other players! 


-Shorten the reward waiting time: This isn't a really big issue however once yout hit lvl 45 and up, the mills take a really long time to complete, then you have to wait another 6 or so hours to get the reward and next product requests. I personally would prefer a shorter waiting time to keep myself busy in the game! It's also a let down to wait 6 hours for the rewards only to get 10k gold, 100xp and restaurant ingredients that you can easily find in the market.


-Product level: This might only be a high lvl issue but is it possible to make the requirements of the product be for products from the previous level? A lot of players are behind on their main quests (due to so many high xp mills coming out, resulting in them leveling up faster than the rate of them completing quests) and the train at times asks for products of their current level. Players at lvl 40 can easily find their product requirements in the market or from other fellow players but players at lvl 50+ don't have that luxury. By asking for products from previous levels only, you allow players to use their old mills, saved up product, catch up on their main quests, or possibly find the product in the market. 


-Rewards: I know the rewards are random but why are they so low?D: I understand only giving 100-200 hearts and 1 seed but 10k gold and 100xp at times seems a bit..silly (for lack of better words). As a lvl 55 player, 10k gold, 100xp, and restaurant ingredients seems unreasonable, especially after waiting for 6 hours for the reward (not to mention the waiting time to make some of the high lvl products the train asks for since its rare to find lvl 50+ products in the market).


Also, are lvl 40-45 players getting the same rewards as a player that is lvl 50+? If so.../;

Lvl 40 mills take fewer hours to finish and most of the products can be found in the market or bought from other players that are lvl 40+. Therefore they get to finish the train requests quicker, meaning they get more rewards than a lvl 50+ player that has to make everything. Regardless of whether a user has villagers or costumes, lvl 50+ players should be getting more in terms of rewards (imo). 






Overall the train is a fun new feature however it seems incredibly skewed. I noticed it's a new feature in both ET versions so I'm assuming it's in its testing phase, which hopefully means feedback from players can help mold it into something everyone can enjoy.


As of now I'd suggest it to anyone that has a ton of saved up stuff in their storage (from all levels) or to anyone that is a lvl 40-45 player. The rewards are fairly low for what you're giving in return (specifically gold/xp) + the time it takes to get the reward (for lvl 50+ players: + the time it takes to make the product).



-Shorten the waiting time

- Change it so that product requests are from previous levels only

-Increase rewards for high lvl players



(Regardless if anything is changed, I'll continue to use the feature since I already bought the second track)



I think it'd be cool if every once in a while a 'Special Train' arrived and it asked for items from seeds mills (not including PR's). Most players can obtain seed products (rusks, CB's, candle, cocktail, etc) so this will give them a chance to use those items! Rewards can range from 100k to maybe even help tickets! This can also help with putting to use old seed mills. (Of course there should be an option to dismiss the offer of the 'Special Train' just in case someone can't obtain those products)



(Round of applause if any of you read this far omg)

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