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Can i overwrite this account?


Hello everyone,

i seek some help for my dear mother.


She played Everytown on Bluestack for some time now, because her phone wouldn't play it. And loves it^^.

Now i would like to transfer her game data to a new handy. I already downd it and startet over, but if i try to log in her in, her original Account doesn't show up. I guess it isn't syncd. Or maybe with an older one, where she had to start over before.

For a better understanding i attached a piccu below- and if someone know better than i, pls could you tell me, which ACC would be overwriten?

Pls dont laughed. I am really at a los here. And i really dont want to make a mistake in deleting the wrong gamesave.


The right section is her ACC, which i wish to transfer. The left i want to overwrite/delete. What ever. Is this even possible?


So i appreciate any help or suggestion greatfully.

Now i will be patient and hope for someone kind to give me the wright advice ;)


Sorry for my poor English and Thank you so much in advance.

Wish you all a wonderful Day.



select data.JPG

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