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Found 3 results

  1. Iseru

    Disappearing villagers

    This is the first time this happened to me after the latest update. If I click any of the blank spaces (villagers with no costume) my app will crash. I also cannot give hearts in other towns that have the default villagers because they don't appear for me. has anyone experienced this before? And how did you solve it?
  2. Tialunar

    Getting new villagers?

    I noticed that there are some villagers (Ivrin, Muriel, etc) that are not obtained through the random box, but the tab says "perform quest". How, and what level do I get the quest? Thanks!
  3. AutumnSky

    Random Boxes

    So, I've blown well over 30 million gold trying to win Nell, Toto, and Roto. I have yet to acquire either and only have loads of flowers to show for my efforts. I'm starting to feel like it's good money wasted and perhaps not worth the efforts. Don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to complain ( too much ), but it did get me wondering. 1. Does anybody know what the odds are in winning villagers/pets? Is it really, purely luck, or was it intended to be very difficult? 2. Am I just very unlucky? 3. Do you recall how many attempts/how much you had to spend to earn your desired villager? 4. Are you currently coveting any particular villager or have you awesomely achieved all to hoard within your village? Thanks for any info, opinions, and discussion.