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Found 2 results

  1. So I have a question that might be more for Tom heheheh ^^ Does this mean that our updates aren't exactly the same, meaning sometimes things get added in a different order than they did in the Korean version? Or do you mean that, even over time some items might be excluded completely, and NEVER added to the game? Also! Will the Korean version and the global version ever be exactly the same? (obviously it will take time for the updates to catch up!! I'm sure it's lots of work to translate everything and update it all! I definitely don't mind waiting!) Will there ever be a point when the global version is just ONE update behind the Korean version, or maybe even updated at the same time with the same update? Will the two versions ever be able to play together?? There's so many Korean players, it would be so fun to play with a larger community! (: I am wondering if maybe I want to make an account on the Korean version and play on that instead. It is nice to be able to understand the quests and cute storylines in my own language, but I like all the shops and eco items in the Korean version a looottt... but if the updates will catch us up eventually I will stay on the global version! But if we will only ever be an abridged version of the Korean Everytown... Thank you for your answers and help!! (Items I particularly want heheheh:) PREMIUM TREES!! MORE DECOR!!!! MORE PRETTY LANDMARKS! MORE BACKGROUNDS!!! MORE SHOPS! Of course I want all the villagers and higher levels on the Korean version, but I am OK with waiting for those to be updated slowly so that we have time to collect all the current villagers and level up hahaha ♡
  2. I haven't had much luck with google-translating the Korean guides for the game so I have a loooot of questions. 1. When asking for help on another player's mill/pen, either premium or regular, if they do not accept help before their mill finishes do you not get the product? Also, if they accept the help but then the product spoils because they leave the game for a couple days, do you lose the product in that case too? Are the helps not returned in either case? It seems the help coupons do get refunded though? 2. What exactly are the reward bonuses for having someone higher level help a mill? It seems random to me sometimes. Is it supposed to be higher chance of producing 3/4/5 items instead of 2 if the player is lvl 30/40/50? Also, does your experience for that mill increase if you have higher level help, or does your exp gained stay the same regardless? Edit: Turns out there are no bonus rewards for having someone higher level help your mill - GM Tom explained that it's just you get more items from helping higher level players because they have more items to choose haha 3. The second town can't be expanded for hearts at all - will that change when they add a third town, like how the first town can be expanded with hearts for the first dozen expansions? Or are the multi-towns always seed-only? 4. Is there an up-to-date English list/chart of the following anywhere: - all main storyline quests, requirements, rewards - all gold and seed store items and their eco-per-square and gold-per-square stats 5. Do the heart shop items rotate on a fixed basis? Like always a certain day of the month? Also do the items rotate regularly so I know when a certain heart shop item will come back in? 6. Are the updates to the international version of the game mirroring the ones to the Korean version, and if so does anyone know or have a list of those updates so we know what stores/outfits/items/etc to expect and save up for? 7. Are there any seed sales besides the 30%, 50% off level-up sales and monthly 15% more seed sale? Also, does anyone have a chart with which levels have which sale? I'm assuming it's 50% until lvl 20, then 30% every level except 50% on the multiples of 5s (25, 30, 35 etc) 8. Does anyone know or have charts on the chances of winning any one item from the random boxes? 9. Does the marketplace only show you a fraction of whats available, or only from a certain demographic? Because I've done a search for items that I knew a player had but they didn't show up in search. 10. Friend etiquette! If more than 150 people visit you regularly, is it considered more polite to visit them all back if you can even if you have to unfriend them after visiting, or is it considered rude to friend then unfriend someone? I know accounts with lots of visitors did this to me and I thought it was ok, but now that I'm having to start doing it to visitors I've had someone tell me this was rude... let me know what the community generally feels about this! I will probably add more later heh. Thanks for any help!