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Found 1 result

  1. H0n3b33

    Union membership questions!

    So! Union membership! 1. How long does it last? Is it one-time purchase gives lifetime membership, or is it 30-day, or? (edit: 28 days long from start of activating coupon!) 2. Will it ever be sold separately, or will it only be available for cash as part of buying high price seed packages? (edit: no ): ) 3. Will we be able to hide the premium member frames in our friendslist at some point? The friend's list looks kinda cluttered now, and the bulky union frame doesn't add useful info. 4. Will seed packages with union memberships be included in future sales, like the 15% more sale? (edit: no ): ) 5. When it says "2 seeds for 28 days"? does that mean we get literally 2 seeds everyday that you login for the 28 day duration of the coupon, for a total of 56 bonus seeds? (edit: yep!) 6. After your union membership expires, you get to keep using the items you bought/won from union shop right? Like you don't have to remain a union member to use the gratin shop or keep the penguin villager out? (edit: we keep stuff even after membership expires!) 7. (Aurlee's question!!) If you use a union membership coupon when you are currently already in a membership, will it add 28 days to your membership (so if you have 12 days left will it become 40 days till it expires) or just reset the number to 28 days? (edit: we shouldn't be able to use new coupon until membership has expired!) Sorry my question is pouty. I'm sad the update added mostly expensive seed items :< And the new packages are same cost-per-seed as truck package ($6.68 per 100 seeds) so not as great as I was hoping.