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Found 1 result

  1. As title says! Is the VIP package exactly the same as regular ones, including all the same things? (IE: Does VIP frugality have 1 union membership card that gives +2 seeds per day, 5mil gold, 50k xp coupon, 15 help coupon... exactly the same, just 56 more seeds total??) Thanks for help guys! EDIT: for future people looking at this, NO they are different!! 1) VIP costs more cash money in most countries (VIP frugality package costs $2 more than regular frugality package in US) 2) VIP has no union membership coupon 3) VIP comes with 56 extra seeds to compensate for the lack of union coupon (which gives 2 seeds per day for 28 days, thus 56 seeds) Also I have contacted support and they do not offer exchanges/refunds, so if you buy one before finding this out like I did, since the VIP packages do not have magnifying glasses to examine their contents, then you are out of luck.