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Found 2 results

  1. Fall (and Halloween) is my favorite time of year, and EveryTown has made me really happy with the items they've made for this season. I can't stop staring at the Halloween shops, they're so cute and are absolutely my favorite so far! However, there are a few items I think would be really cute to see in the future: - A silhouette of a witch flying on her broomstick. Like the already existing Sky Santa Claus, this would give any fall/Halloween-themed towns even greater ambience! - Jack-o-lanterns. We've had some sky lanterns released recently, and they're beautiful. I'd love to see some Jack-o-lanterns done similarly! - Ghosts. Maybe something like Dolce, a little cluster of ghosts for the sky. - A fall/Halloween-themed night background. Maybe an edit to Starry Night, but with noticeable fall touches? Some orange in the trees, and maybe the green floor of it could be given a leafy pattern. - A fall floor, and maybe a tile. Could be something like the ground on some of the Halloween shops. - An NPC witch outfit! And for quality of life change - I really, really implore you to do a monthly heart event. I and others have said it before, but it's currently not realistic at all to get all the heart shop items released each month, even if you are visiting all 150 friends every day. The only time that it is worthwhile to farm extra hearts is during heart events. This is particularly frustrating for newbies, who see the cute heart shop items and have to decide whether to try to get an item there or spend their hearts on town expansion - they can't do both. A monthly heart event would hopefully make things easier and keep new players more interested for longer. Trick or Dolce: I don't at all expect this to be changed right now (or necessarily ever), but I'm not entirely happy with the rewards on this box. The 40-50k gold rewards are meager when you're spending 500k a pop. My mom told me she spent almost 30 million gold trying to get Dolce (unsuccessfully) and most of those attempts netted her little scraps of gold back. Upping it to a minimum of 100k would be much nicer in the future, I think. That said, thank you for including both hearts and the Jack-o-lantern House in there! Lastly, Tom's town hasn't been maintained for much of this year, and is no longer a default friend when you first join. If it's possible, I'd love to see his account maintained again! Or, if that's not feasible, it'd be nice if his town was at least decorated so that, if people find it, it can be an example of how beautiful this game can be. If you read this and consider anything I said, thank you!
  2. Hey, has anyone gotten the [SEG] 2-Flat from the Roto Random box lately? I ask because I've spent tens and tens of millions on that box over the last couple months, and have not gotten one. I was wondering if maybe the box was broken and wasn't giving it out like it should be, or if I'm just that unlucky lol. Thanks for any help!