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Found 1 result

  1. Iseru

    4G/LTE Connection Problems

    Oh hello, it's me again.. ^_^; Well.. how do I put it.. I don't know what's causing my connectivity problem this time around. I'm using LTE connection on my mobile and it's been really great so far. But today I've run into a problem. I can't seem to open Everytown. And when it does it shortly disconnects me afterwards with the whole, your line is unstable, please switch to 3g/4g. (Even if I'm already using it.. Q_Q ) Hence my dilemma, I've tried using it to open other mobile games that need internet and surf the internet on my phone as well, I've had no problem and the connection is smooth and fast. It's only Everytown that refuses to load up. So I'm wondering if it's an Everytown issue or is my ISP's..? I tried to switch to WiFi.. and I can connect. Which leaves me even more puzzled. I can't always use WiFi wherever I go.. which makes this kind of inconvenient. I don't know if it is Everytown or my ISP causing this problem. So I've come to ask, if someone has run into this problem before and how they managed to solve it? Do I need to reinstall... again? Or call up my ISP to see why they 'blocked'? Everytown?? Any help is appreciated ^^;; Oh and I'm using iOS.