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Found 2 results

  1. GM_Tom

    [FEATURE] Landmark

    Hi Everyone! I'm going to explain about the new Landmark Feature! [Tada~~♬ yes, it looks BIG] The Landmark feature is pretty simple if you get to know it. First of all, there are two types of Landmarks. One is for your Main Town, and the other is available only if you open the Multi Town. An icon that represents your Multi Town requirement will be shown in the shop. Once you install the Landmark in y our town, you can upgrade the structure to a higher level by merging other structure that you already have. Rules are simple; The higher level your Landmark gets, the higher eco-points it will give you. *Merged structures to your Landmark means they will get removed from your inventory, [Merge structures to add Eco points to your Landmark] Managing Landmark structures in your town not only makes your town look Super-Duper Cool, [It really does] but also great to keep highly efficient eco points in maintaining your facilities. Also, as you keep upgrading your Landmark the looks on the outside gets bigger and a lot fancier, which makes all the fun the double!
  2. Pekkypek

    Extra seeds from Landmarks event

    I will get 10% extra seeds if I buy any landmarks. I wonder if I buy both, do i get 10% twice?