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Found 1 result

  1. So, I was wondering, will we ever get the Korean Everytown's variant of the restaurant??? Probably a Tom question lol!! I know we're on a different timeline than them, but I would love to know if we have this in the future, or if we could beg for it to be added!!! First of all, it has more eco!! Second, it's so much smaller for how much eco it has! It's infinitely better stat-wise than the version we have. But third of all, and most importantly, it is smaller, cuter, and easier to use in decorating!!! I was going to make a post in ideas/suggestions begging us to be able to move/put away the restaurant, or move it to another town or something, but if we could get this variation it would be even better. For me, decorating towns is the most fun part of the game. I know I am not alone in this! And I wish very much that I had had 2nd or 3rd town before I got my restaurant so I could've put it in one of those towns, but alas it is stuck in my first main town! And while the restaurant building is super cute, it doesn't always match what decorating I want to do in my main town. But I always have to make it fit because I can't put it away or move it, and it's way too big to try and hide behind a tree or something. If moving restaurants to another town or putting them away is utterly impossible, than at least it would be nice to have a choice to upgrade the restaurant to this smaller higher eco version that we could use in decorating much easier!! Like if I want an all winter theme and simply don't want any non-snow items out, I could at least hide this restaurant version behind a building so it wasn't showing and disrupting my theme. Anyway thanks for your help as always!! I look forward to hearing if this is possible!!