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Found 6 results

  1. Huiieee


    I notice that the restaurant menu allows buy rare ingredient using 2 seeds for the ingredient with a "u" batch. Does it stand for "u"nlimited? What is union shop for? How do i be part of the union? i have villager with harvest odds x2 and x3, it refers to the chance of harvesting a bonus? The game does really have a help list to check so i dont understand the icons. Also, in friend list,some users have a something like a wavy thing at the top left of his icon. What does it mean? the only purpose of gold bars are to be sold as cash? I have always wondered if any one ever buys gold bar from the market if it is used for no other purpose. Thanks for your attention and help in advance!~
  2. EDIT! Updated post to 1) be less complainy and whiny and 2) include full suggestions and points! PLEASE change the system!! Please make it so the helps we give and are given aren't wasted! Please allow us to either confirm helps (that are asked while mill is running) after mill finishes, or give us an "auto-accept" feature for any mill we choose! There are many reasons that I and others feel this is necessary! Many players, especially newbies, don't even know that helps can be lost!! There's no FAQ/tutorial that explains how helps work! Many players can't get online once every hour to accept all the helps on all the different timed mills! Many players go 8hrs+ at a time sleeping, working, schooling, etc! Most players can't have only 12-24hr mills that would make it easy to time accepting helps - most mills in fact require ingredients that have short timers, like cookie mills, jams, etc! Players who ask to help lose out on XP and items, and that's especially discouraging if it's for a quest! Players who's shops lose helps lose out on bonus items, and at higher levels these items are a big source of gold! They also lose out on visitors, who won't want to help mills they'll lose helps on anymore! I myself didn't realize helps were lost if not accepted in time until like level 37. I just thought I was getting rejected, or maybe I wasn't paying enough attention to the mail. In fact I went around helping mills with 1hr or less left because I thought I'd get my reward sooner! Here's some suggestions, ranked in my opinion from most rewarding to the majority of users and the easiest to implement to least! Make it so we can accept helps (that are asked while mill is running) after mill is finished! Why is this best? It's win-win, and it's the simplest solution! Someone asks to help, owner accepts whenever they log in. Easy-peasy! People who ask to help mills have guarantee they won't lose their help (unless it is rejected) since the shop owner can accept it any time. People who own the shops have security in knowing that their friends who help won't lose their xp/reward, and that they won't lose out on bonus items. This would make people happier with having more mills out and running more often, and make people more free to visit and help whatever they want! This should be one of the easier solutions to implement too. Make an "auto-accept" feature! Allow each mill to have "auto-accept" turn on/off, so that whoever asks to help will be automatically accepted! It would need to be 1) per-mill, so that people can choose which mills get auto-accepted or not, 2) need to be able to be turned on/off per mill so that it doesn't have to be redone every time the mill is reset like how passwords are, 3) have a visual difference between mills that have auto-accept set up so that people asking to help know whether the mill they're helping will auto-accept or not! This is a great idea, but it's more complicated to code and set up I imagine. It would have some limitations too, if players don't know how to use it or forget to, or if there wasn't visual differences between auto-help mills and non, etc. Give back coupons for helps that are not accepted in time! There's only 12 free helps per day, it would be nice to get the help back if you try to get quest items and they aren't accepted in time so that you can try to reask on another mill! This helps the people who ask to help, but not the people who had the shop that lost a help... Bring back notifications for when helps are asked on your mills, and make it so they can be turned on/off for those who might find it annoying! This would be great for people who can get on to accept helps before they're lost but just aren't used to checking in a lot! It of course doesn't help people who can't get online however... Increase the number of mills that can be locked each day! That way players can lock mills before going to sleep so that way at least no one wastes their help on it. This of course doesn't help shop owners who lose out on help, and it makes towns look inaccessible and people not want to visit lol, but at this moment locking mills is our best option... ??? I know there's a lot of opinions on this and people will have lots more suggestions! PLEASE???!?!??!
  3. Freckled

    Unable to Open game at all?

    As of this morning at 9:30am Central time, I was able to play Everytown. However, at around 11:00 am central, suddenly the game will do nothing but crash. I've cleared the cache in hopes that would help, but I am currently terrified to clear 'data' due to the fact there are no comments or references to if I will lose all the town information, purchases, etc. I'm not sure if everything has saved for the log in, as all I have is my google+ account on it. Is any one else experiencing immediate black screen + crashing with their game?
  4. StacyLynn

    How to get rid of 'spoiler'????

    I'm trying to post something in the suggestions, I honestly don't even know what I hit to make this happen, and there were all these immoveable boxes that say spoiler on them. There's 3 of them layered on each other and I CANNOT get rid of them and it won't let me type. I tried canceling the post, and when I went to retry they were still there. But I go onto questions here, and it's normal. Please help me!!! And thank you in advance♥
  5. Hi! So some of the villagers or villager outfits have "1 help bonus +1%/+2%" but I can't figure out what it does. It doesn't add a daily help, it doesn't change the number of items or the XP you get from helping others, and it doesn't seem to add anything to mills of mine that other people help, though I could be wrong on that one because of all the other things affecting my XP now that I might've miscalculated. Does anyone know what "1 help bonus +1%" means? Thanks for any help!!
  6. I haven't had much luck with google-translating the Korean guides for the game so I have a loooot of questions. 1. When asking for help on another player's mill/pen, either premium or regular, if they do not accept help before their mill finishes do you not get the product? Also, if they accept the help but then the product spoils because they leave the game for a couple days, do you lose the product in that case too? Are the helps not returned in either case? It seems the help coupons do get refunded though? 2. What exactly are the reward bonuses for having someone higher level help a mill? It seems random to me sometimes. Is it supposed to be higher chance of producing 3/4/5 items instead of 2 if the player is lvl 30/40/50? Also, does your experience for that mill increase if you have higher level help, or does your exp gained stay the same regardless? Edit: Turns out there are no bonus rewards for having someone higher level help your mill - GM Tom explained that it's just you get more items from helping higher level players because they have more items to choose haha 3. The second town can't be expanded for hearts at all - will that change when they add a third town, like how the first town can be expanded with hearts for the first dozen expansions? Or are the multi-towns always seed-only? 4. Is there an up-to-date English list/chart of the following anywhere: - all main storyline quests, requirements, rewards - all gold and seed store items and their eco-per-square and gold-per-square stats 5. Do the heart shop items rotate on a fixed basis? Like always a certain day of the month? Also do the items rotate regularly so I know when a certain heart shop item will come back in? 6. Are the updates to the international version of the game mirroring the ones to the Korean version, and if so does anyone know or have a list of those updates so we know what stores/outfits/items/etc to expect and save up for? 7. Are there any seed sales besides the 30%, 50% off level-up sales and monthly 15% more seed sale? Also, does anyone have a chart with which levels have which sale? I'm assuming it's 50% until lvl 20, then 30% every level except 50% on the multiples of 5s (25, 30, 35 etc) 8. Does anyone know or have charts on the chances of winning any one item from the random boxes? 9. Does the marketplace only show you a fraction of whats available, or only from a certain demographic? Because I've done a search for items that I knew a player had but they didn't show up in search. 10. Friend etiquette! If more than 150 people visit you regularly, is it considered more polite to visit them all back if you can even if you have to unfriend them after visiting, or is it considered rude to friend then unfriend someone? I know accounts with lots of visitors did this to me and I thought it was ok, but now that I'm having to start doing it to visitors I've had someone tell me this was rude... let me know what the community generally feels about this! I will probably add more later heh. Thanks for any help!