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Found 4 results

  1. Sunsena

    Looking for active mutuals!

    Hi! I'm desperately looking for active mutuals of any level, since a lot of my mutuals seem to disappear after a few days. My IGN is Sunsena. I see this forum isn't super active, but I'm hoping maybe a few people see this and will add me! ETA, currently level 38, and still active!
  2. MommaJee

    New Town New Friends

    Hello, I am brand new to the game and looking for new friends to help me progress thru the game. I'm extremely friendly and outgoing, please don't be afraid to add and message me in game. In-game name- MommaJee
  3. Ok so I made a list of more suggestions that would definitely make the game a lot more fun, at least for me personally! Sorry I have so many! Would it be better to post them all individually in separate topics, or is this ok? I don't want to flood the forum (⌒_⌒;) Visiting Towns: AUTO-HIDE help bubbles! It would be really, really awesome if the 'show/hide' button could remember your preference, or if you could change it in the options menu to default to hiding instead of showing help bubbles. I really like to look at my friends' pretty towns when visiting them! I usually always save my helps till later in the day, and I always have coupons for when I need last-minute ingredients, so the bubbles never go away for me and I have to click the 'hide' button every time I visit a town if I want to see it. It isn't as pretty to go visit everyone and see only help bubbles. Also, when I am going through towns to find mills to help, I have to hide the bubbles anyway because they cover all the mills, then when I find the mill I want I click 'show' again to see if it's open, so making it hide by default would be better for me even when I want to find mills to help! (Of course, for new players, making them show by default is important because they might never know they exist haha) SHOPS: Mill/shop/pen/tree information on clicking them! Right now if we want to see the eco-cost of a shop, or the total time it takes, or total money and xp it gives, we have to have it in our inventory or find it in the shop. It would be nice to be able to click shop and see that info even when it is placed and running! Cancel shop/pen/tree! We have option to finish for 1 seed, but it would be nice to have a second option - cancel! Sometimes I want to pick up a mill but accidentally click it to run it instead and have to wait 12 hours for it to finish so I can move it. Cancelling could waste the ingredients and have no finished product so that it's not like using the seed to finish it. Decorating: Be able to move multiple items at once! Being able to link items so that you can always move them at once would be awesome too! For example if you want to move everything over one row, it would be super awesome if you could just pick up the group of flowers and fields and move them all at the same time! Saved layouts! Sometimes you like a remodel so much you want to keep it forever, but you still want to change it with the season or whatever. It'd be cool if you could save a layout and go back to it later with just a button instead of redoing the whole thing! Assign villagers to certain areas OR make non-villager decorative-only roads! A lot of people put villagers in one spot to make it easier for visitors to click them or to keep them out of the way of the help bubbles. I think it'd be nice if we could still use roads but maybe make it so that the villagers stay on certain roads only. If assigning villagers to certain areas is too hard, it would at least still be awesome to make some of the roads have 'decorative-only' function so that villagers don't go on them! Push notifications/alerts: Notifications for help requests! Since help requests are lost if not accepted before mill finishes, it'd be nice to get alerts for them! Notifications for messages/notes! (Hyrein posted this first here!) Notifications for items sold! Turn each notification type on/off individually!That way if you only want alerts for helps and nothing else, or notes and nothing else, that you can customize it. Customization notification sounds! Currently you can't change notification from the cute 'moo' sound unless you have a 3rd party app that edits it, none of which I like, so it'd be cool if we could have different sounds! Friend sorting: Sort "follow" tab by recent visitor! Currently the "follow" tab is basically just a graveyard for all the inactive accounts with dead crops that I used to be friends with D: It would be nice if the follow tab sorted automatically by recent visitor so that we could see who recently added us or re-find visitors that we missed! Visitors tab have more than last 50 visitors, and not reset! As for myself, I would like to be able to visit back all visitors, but since it only shows last 50, if I log in late I won't know the first 40 people who visited. Also when I log in early after reset, I won't know who visited me in the night because it reset! Sort friends by when they visited YOU! Right now if you want to see if your mutuals are active and visit daily, you have to check all your visitors and cross-reference... that's kinda too hard haha, especially when you can only see last 50 visitors.
  4. I haven't had much luck with google-translating the Korean guides for the game so I have a loooot of questions. 1. When asking for help on another player's mill/pen, either premium or regular, if they do not accept help before their mill finishes do you not get the product? Also, if they accept the help but then the product spoils because they leave the game for a couple days, do you lose the product in that case too? Are the helps not returned in either case? It seems the help coupons do get refunded though? 2. What exactly are the reward bonuses for having someone higher level help a mill? It seems random to me sometimes. Is it supposed to be higher chance of producing 3/4/5 items instead of 2 if the player is lvl 30/40/50? Also, does your experience for that mill increase if you have higher level help, or does your exp gained stay the same regardless? Edit: Turns out there are no bonus rewards for having someone higher level help your mill - GM Tom explained that it's just you get more items from helping higher level players because they have more items to choose haha 3. The second town can't be expanded for hearts at all - will that change when they add a third town, like how the first town can be expanded with hearts for the first dozen expansions? Or are the multi-towns always seed-only? 4. Is there an up-to-date English list/chart of the following anywhere: - all main storyline quests, requirements, rewards - all gold and seed store items and their eco-per-square and gold-per-square stats 5. Do the heart shop items rotate on a fixed basis? Like always a certain day of the month? Also do the items rotate regularly so I know when a certain heart shop item will come back in? 6. Are the updates to the international version of the game mirroring the ones to the Korean version, and if so does anyone know or have a list of those updates so we know what stores/outfits/items/etc to expect and save up for? 7. Are there any seed sales besides the 30%, 50% off level-up sales and monthly 15% more seed sale? Also, does anyone have a chart with which levels have which sale? I'm assuming it's 50% until lvl 20, then 30% every level except 50% on the multiples of 5s (25, 30, 35 etc) 8. Does anyone know or have charts on the chances of winning any one item from the random boxes? 9. Does the marketplace only show you a fraction of whats available, or only from a certain demographic? Because I've done a search for items that I knew a player had but they didn't show up in search. 10. Friend etiquette! If more than 150 people visit you regularly, is it considered more polite to visit them all back if you can even if you have to unfriend them after visiting, or is it considered rude to friend then unfriend someone? I know accounts with lots of visitors did this to me and I thought it was ok, but now that I'm having to start doing it to visitors I've had someone tell me this was rude... let me know what the community generally feels about this! I will probably add more later heh. Thanks for any help!