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Found 4 results

  1. CuntyW


    I need TWO TOP CORAL I have Top Fir & Purified Water to exchange. Thank you, CuntyW
  2. Looking for 4 Rubies so that I may craft the Fennec Fox Pairs of SS Items I have available for Ruby are: Diamond Top Hinoki (2) Alluvial Gold Oil (2) Natural Gas Top Marble Please post message on board in game. Thank you, CuntyW
  3. sivawilai

    [EXCHANGE] any 2SS-items for 1ruby

    nickname: sivawilai lvl:65 I really need a lot of rubies for crafting, if you have more than 1 ruby, I'm willing to exchange any of my SS-items (whichever one you need) with them, ratio2:1 ex.>>>6SS-items for 3rubies!! please send me private message in my town if you 're interested^_^ thank you so much! have a nice next update, everyone^0^!!
  4. Hi~ everyone... Im kinda new in this page but Im looking for peopleo who have shops (those who take over 48hrs to finish) and exchange some.. I have some shops too but no one seems to have for exchange ( ? ) . Soo If you have and are interested pls add me ( °~° ) My name is sophimummy and Im in the level 41. I hope you have a nice day and have a lot of fun ^▪^ Bye byee~ ♡♡