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Found 9 results

  1. mao1995

    Someone can help me?

    My free seeds video doesnt appear, and my seeds still same! Is that the game have some bug? or the wrong of my android?
  2. Recently, I have been thinking about when all of my fellow game-goers started playing Everytown and figured I'm make a post about it! It's neat seeing people's towns evolve as they proceed playing! I started playing in May and am now about half way to 41 My town in my 20's: My town in my 30's: When did you guys start? Do you guys have any before/after screenshots from your earlier levels to now? I'd love to see them!
  3. Kyoushirou

    Happy Birthday EVERYTOWN FanArt!

    A bit late but better than never. HAPPY BIRTHDAY EVERYTOWN! :3 For those who want know: I used Manga Studio 5 EX as software and my precious Wacom Cintiq 13 HD as medium.
  4. tintinfiddler

    New Wikia Guide

    As a fairly new player (lvl 30 and been playing less than a month), I've been surprised about how there is almost no online resources on Everytown. So no more of those days, I've decided to create a wiki. Please feel free to edit. It needs a lot of help, and the following pages would be especially helpful: 1. Quest List: Wouldn't it be great if people knew what items would be next? 2. Building Upgrade Info: Every mill allows you to upgrade 4(?) times. It'd be nice to know what the bonus is, especially for seed mills. 3. Beginner's Tutorial, including a short guide on etiquette for asking to help when starting. Tom, would we be allowed to post some pictures from Everytown into this wiki?
  5. Kanzakiël

    [BUY] Broccoli/Oats/Button mushroom

    Hi guys ! There are the last vegetables i need
  6. Kanzakiël

    [BUY] Saffron/Sweet Potato...

    Hi guys ! i need 50 of them and for the next ones too Thanks
  7. Rachel

    [Buy] 30 Apple Jams

    Anyone who has Apple Jam can sell to me? Doing quest. Thank you very much!
  8. Kanzakiël

    [BUY] 20 white grapes / 50 turmerics

    What's up guys ? I need them to complete the quests Thanks ! IGN : Kanzakiël
  9. Kanzakiël

    [BUY] White grapes

    Hi people I need 30 whites grapes for a quest but i don't have the necessary lvl... Thanks in advance. IGN : Kanzakiël