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Found 2 results

  1. mao1995

    Someone can help me?

    My free seeds video doesnt appear, and my seeds still same! Is that the game have some bug? or the wrong of my android?
  2. Hey! I was moving some items around and then there was an error and a crash ("Server error - re-importing town info") but after the game restarted, the items I had been moving around disappeared completely! They're not on the map, not in my inventory, not in the mail... just gone!! I've emailed the support already, but haven't gotten a response yet, and it's been 2 days... I'm wondering if anyone else has had this problem before? Did the items spontaneously reappear in your inventory later? Did support answer quickly and give all items back? Edit: Update, items spontaneously reappeared in my inventory! Right before Everytown emailed me apparently, asking questions about how to help lol! So I guess after 2-ish days the error fixed itself?