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  1. Iseru

    4G/LTE Connection Problems

    Thanks so much for taking the time to answer. Fragmented files, hmm.. o-o The app seemed to fix itself somehow and I can access again. :'3 But if ever I run into this problem again, I'll take note of the steps.
  2. Iseru

    4G/LTE Connection Problems

    Oh hello, it's me again.. ^_^; Well.. how do I put it.. I don't know what's causing my connectivity problem this time around. I'm using LTE connection on my mobile and it's been really great so far. But today I've run into a problem. I can't seem to open Everytown. And when it does it shortly disconnects me afterwards with the whole, your line is unstable, please switch to 3g/4g. (Even if I'm already using it.. Q_Q ) Hence my dilemma, I've tried using it to open other mobile games that need internet and surf the internet on my phone as well, I've had no problem and the connection is smooth and fast. It's only Everytown that refuses to load up. So I'm wondering if it's an Everytown issue or is my ISP's..? I tried to switch to WiFi.. and I can connect. Which leaves me even more puzzled. I can't always use WiFi wherever I go.. which makes this kind of inconvenient. I don't know if it is Everytown or my ISP causing this problem. So I've come to ask, if someone has run into this problem before and how they managed to solve it? Do I need to reinstall... again? Or call up my ISP to see why they 'blocked'? Everytown?? Any help is appreciated ^^;; Oh and I'm using iOS.
  3. Iseru

    Disappearing villagers

    I deleted then reinstalled the game just now. And they're back! ;A; Thanks for the suggestion, Inrv.
  4. Iseru

    Disappearing villagers

    This is the first time this happened to me after the latest update. If I click any of the blank spaces (villagers with no costume) my app will crash. I also cannot give hearts in other towns that have the default villagers because they don't appear for me. has anyone experienced this before? And how did you solve it?
  5. I just rechecked. Oops, my bad ^^; ... the light houses are from the 150k box- lol. So that was a bad example to use, I should have checked prior before bringing it up. There are some occasional new 7 seed boxes around but if you want the ones with the new villagers like the Nihao Panda, Rubbing Duck, and such, they're 17 seeds instead of 10 seeds like prior villager boxes. Either I'm just really unlucky or I tend to get a lot of street lamps from the Pool box and the low end gold from the others, 40k, 50k and the like.. x.x; But I still stand by the few points I made about random boxes that I hope they consider not making it too priced.. but I don't know how much they are in KET if they also charged higher for the later boxes or if they have the same exact contents as the KET one. ._." if so, I imagine there isn't much they can do about it if it's the original KET's design.
  6. I am still a bit iffy about the idea of trading gold for seed because, yes, like Michelle said... the game still does need money to pay for their servers and staff to continue to exist. And getting 10m gold is really not that difficult to earn for higher leveled players. If we go by a ratio of currency exchange that rely on how much players in general are able to earn, I can only see it going in 2 scenarios: (1) it will be too high for lower level players and, (2) if set too low, the only ones who will benefit from that are more likely the higher leveled players, I'm afraid I'm finding it hard to find a point where everyone's happy with the exchange rate. But I wouldn't say no to lowering the price of seeds. I do find that lately we have been getting 55 seed mills but there's also some 20 and 35 in the mix. And I do wish the random boxes were only 7-10 seeds like before. The new ones lately are 17 seeds. For that price, I wish there was no items you can buy with gold in the mix. It feels like a waste of seeds. I don't want your lighthouses that cost a ton to feed to the LND. It sometimes feel like I'm being punished for spending 17 seeds I'm not saying to have only good items be in one random box but at the very least, lessen the junk items, please. Some of my mutuals have been lamenting that the new seed mills are out of their reach due to the level requirement. But they don't have a problem asking help from higher level players. Just that they're a little disappointed that they can't the mill itself yet before the weekly mission is over as well as the 30 day trophy challenge requirement 15% doesn't actually make that much difference. That I agree with also. I would not object if we get 50% every level up instead of every 5 levels. The higher the level the more distant 5 levels are, even if some of us do spend on help coupons. x.x; Another suggestion I would like to add is, why don't ET have more seasonal quests that give a cash deco or hearts rewards for completing some objectives. Sure the weekly is nice, and I love doing the challenge quests. But something you normally can't buy from the shop with gold is a nice incentive also. I am even happy with 10 help coupon. I also don't know why te double hearts event was cancelled, a little disappointed about that I spend occasionally on mobile games. And only if I think they're worth it. Everytown is one of the few I'm playing at the moment. And I do want to play long term but I do feel that it has been getting more costly to keep up. Sure I can chose NOT to spend on seeds. That option is always open. But I love this game, and I want to support it. I'm expressing my complaints because I care about it and hope that maybe something will change for the better.
  7. Yay update~ The garden looks pretty. But I think I'll hold off buying another landmark till I max the one I currently have.
  8. Iseru

    Gifting and IOS users

    Dang.. so like, zero chance at all..? I see. Guess I'll have to wait till I switch to a new device then. Though I've been using this iPad2 for years now.. it still works well so I'll stick to it till then. Thanks for answering, Michelle.
  9. Iseru

    Gifting and IOS users

    Hello, it's me again. I was wondering if IOS users will eventually get gifting options like the Android users do? :'3 I feel like I'm missing out by not being able to gift exchange or give gifts to some of my friends who play. Aside from having the newest mills available for gifting, gifting option also has exclusive deco not found in random boxes or the shops. Also, if ever I decide to switch to Android in the future, there is no issue with transferring over the data from my current game, right? (And my game linked already) Thank you!
  10. Iseru

    The Case of the Disappearing Mutual

    Hmm, no I don't seem to see them in search or helping others anymore. So that must be it, overwritten.. x.x thank you Ping and Tom, for answering. These ET gifs are so cute btw, lol.
  11. Hmm.. this happened once in a while so I'm curious.. If for example a mutual suddenly disappears off my friend list. Does it mean they deleted their account or is it they blocked me? :'3 Or is it some kind of weird bug? I know that unfriending still allows me to visit their town and they're still on friend list but they're not even there anymore. I get no messages from them as to why... so I'm wondering if this was intentional or not. For me, I only delete if they don't seem to be playing anymore or if their town is inactive and they don't mention that they will be back. x.x Or... uh, does it have something to do with me deleting Tom off my friend list to accommodate one more friend town.. (I'msosorryTom! *sweating buckets*)
  12. Iseru

    Something's different

    I get that sometimes. At first I got alarmed but after I choose to ignore it... nothing happened? And it remained in my inventory back to white color next time I opened it.
  13. Iseru

    Extra seeds from Landmarks event

    Most likely you'll get around 75 seeds back after the event duration is finished if you bought both landmarks. I think that's what it meant by getting 10% seed back :3 And wow, I saw your fb entry. Grats on the fully upgraded manor!
  14. Iseru

    [UPDATE EVENT] ~ May 25 [CLOSED]

    Got it, thank you
  15. For the last question, one of the users I've been following informed me that they leave their last friend slot open so they can visit people who have been visiting them, help one of their mills, and then unfriend them again afterwards so they can visit others. It is not their intention to offend people by unfriending them. But they have 149 mutuals they visit regularly and know for a long time already, so they don't want to remove them. And because they are limited to 150 friends only but want to return the favor of helping their mills. Which doesn't really bother me, I'm rather appreciative of the user who took the time to explain why they do it and I still continue to follow them. TL;DR - It really depends on how the other player takes it. If you plan on doing this, try asking the other party if this arrangement is okay with them first, I guess.