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  1. Slushious

    [FEATURE] Craft

    Question : To use seed to purchase the craft item, say 50 seeds to purchase the oil. How many oil can we get with 50 seeds? Thanks,
  2. Ooooo....Love the new Landmark! Can't Wait
  3. I noticed that we harvest gold from the 2 new theme park items ....what can we do with the gold? And how does the theme park ticket works? What do we use it for? Does the 3rd town come with any quest? If so, what are the quest and rewards like? Love the new updates =D but noticed that there's no promotions on the seed package =( Thanks all for the insight.
  4. Slushious

    Town Expansion vs Multi Town

    Questions regarding the 2nd Town quest. Any idea if the quest remains the same each level i.e.22x22 will be the same quest for all at the level, 24.x24 will be the same quest at this level etc, OR the quest varies based on the period of time? Say if i open the 2nd town tonight, will I start my quest based on 22x22 or will based on the current quest that is running? And let's say if i finish the 1st quest for 22x22, will I get another quest, or i will have to level up to 24x24 to get the quest? Really interested to open the 2nd town for quest challenge but worry if I am able to complete the quest on time as i am a full time working mum...What are the duration for all quest? I am at Level 41 now...will the quest requires a higher level mills in order to achieve it? Appreciate if all of you good and experienced players share some of your experiences and insights on this =)
  5. Slushious

    House colors! Do we keep them when house gets upgraded?

    Sorry, what about the Eco points for house colors? Now I am at Lv 6...and Eco points at Lv7 is 15000 So let's say I purchase the Purple house for Lv 6 at 12000, what will be the Eco points when i upgrade my purple house at Lv 7? Will it remained as 15000 or the eco points will be different based on house color?
  6. Slushious

    [EVENT] Union Package Promotion [Rewards Sent]

    Very nice package and I'm contemplating if I should get it... but very pricey esp. After FX rate cost 100 bucks in my local currency =( really hope the prices will be lower next time, plus the membership validity is too short for the price paid. Anyone will know how much is the eco points for the gift? Thank you.