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  1. Hi, Guys. Please, visit my town. My IGN : fithra. I'm playing lv. 37. Come to my town and help my mills and shops. I have Pudding Parfait, Grill Pork, Pizzaria Pep, Crispy Donut, Cereal Bar, Fried Chicken etc. For mill, I don't have any premium mills. Poor. But, i need 150 chocolate milks. So, if you help the chocolate milk mill, i really thanks. Big thanks, Fithra
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    Add ME

    Hi. I'm fithra. Let's be a friend.
  3. fithra

    [BUY] 50 OATS

    I can't find it in the market.
  4. fithra

    Need 50 Turmerics

    I need turmeric. Can't find it in the market.