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  1. Rhysse

    [BUY] 30 green tea

    Dont mention it, hon
  2. Rhysse

    [BUY] 30 green tea

    I have 30 green teas. Come add me, IGN: Dee & i'll tell you the password in game.
  3. Hi there! Dee here~ ^^ Sometimes (okay, all the time for me) we will have typos in our posts, so i was thinking of having an edit option in the game so we do not have to delete & retype the whole thing. Since this is a global game, ET should have a translation function so it'll be easier for us to communicate with each other!
  4. Rhysse

    [BUY] 60 Corn

    Oh no, im sorry for being slow..
  5. Rhysse

    [BUY] 60 Corn

    Hi Marshie, do you still need the corn?