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    Gathering System

    It's like they're frustrated that they aren't getting good stuff so they have to actually get it to be happy again haha!

    Gathering System

    Hello everyone, first off sorry I'm not on the forums a lot but I feel like I really needed to get some opinions and maybe see if we can get things to change with the gathering system. I think it is honestly a broken system. I had two villagers who had the best mood and gave them a lunch item that should've have boosted my odds tremendously at getting an s or as class gathering item. Instead it gave me a class b item. I know that a lot of the things that they have put in to the game haven't been the best balanced systems. I think this is probably one of the top 3 on the unbalanced list. I wanna know who agrees and what points anyone can give as to why they shouldn't change how the gathering system is right now. To be honest I'm a little tired of spending the gold and giving up high class inventory to just get crap I don't really need. Plus moss and sand are over abundant as a gathering item. I am pretty sure I have too much of those two items and they don't even give me much gold back to even sell. Besides certain eco items to craft they are extremely useless. Anyways that's all I have to say hope to get some great feedback from this! Thanks everyone!! IITDHIITJ

    Wild Boars

    Exactly I was two days into it without anyone helping my crops but then they got helped and I kinda gave up cause it's a rare chance to get them

    Wild Boars

    So from what I'm understanding it's been a feature for a while. I heard about it from other people attempting to get the wild boars to come to there towns but where also having troubles due to people helping their crops.

    Wild Boars

    So I have been trying to get the wild boars to show up in my town. I have been waiting for more than two days now, and still no boars. My main question is what is the probability rate that the boars will show up, and do all my crops in each town have to be dead? Right now they're only dead in one of my towns but not all three and i am not sure if that has a change on the probability of the wild boars appearing. Thank you very much for reading and your time. I appreciate any info I can get sincerely, IITDHIITJ