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    How to change landscape?

    You will find your landscapes in your inventory. Change the 'type' to scenery, scroll across to find it, select it. It will show your town with it, so then click 'done'. ☺
  2. JoeDee

    How to overwrite old account?

    I have a suggestion to try. Go to your device settings, app settings, permissions. Deny all permissions for the game. Close it out and reopen the game. It may work, but I'm nott 100% sure.
  3. I should have received 3. Has this event been processed yet?
  4. JoeDee

    other flero games

    If you go back to the home page "" I believe you will find a list of the games run by them. There should be at least a forum for the game, if not, email them directly with your questions. There has to be support somewhere. Maybe they can even send you a link to the right website.
  5. JoeDee

    bug- quest

    Try closing your game and deleting the game data from the memory use in settings, then restart the game.
  6. JoeDee

    Someone can help me?

    I have only used that feature a few times, but I believe there is a daily limit and also that your reward is seeds or gold. You should find the reward in your mail. If this isn't the problem, try closing your game, disconnect from your internet source, restart/reboot your device, then reconnect and restart the game. This usually fixes my issues. Hopefully for you too!
  7. JoeDee

    buy 2,help me

    I can see that I am too late for this mission, but if you should need anything from now on, please come to my town and ask. I always sell for minimum price and I will put item out asap. JoeDee is my account. ?
  8. JoeDee

    Lvl 35 to 41 by March 22? (help pls)

    I replied by message, but I don't know where it goes to. E-mail, FB, Google....... I hope you get it, somewhere......
  9. If you buy a small box of seeds, you will receive one diamond for crafting.
  10. JoeDee

    No Manners in Helping Mills?

    I feel like the odd one out. I don't care, nor do I have time to go through the messages and see who said thank you. I understand what is being said, but consider this. The shop owners benefit more than the helpers. We receive multiple product, while they only receive the one. I posted a notice in my mail box thanking others for their help because helps per day are limited and they took the time to visit me. In the case of alternate accounts, who could possibly know that? I would rather use my extra time redecorating my towns than investigating new visitors. It is just a game. I don't look to see who helped what, I just accept all help. For the loyal visitors, I have randomly staggered the restart times for other time zones. I save items for my most social and long time friends, and some for newer players to help them level up, before they give up. I enjoy playing, but it was really hard most of the way with single mills and so many players posting rules. Perhaps instead of expecting praise for letting them help, return the favor and help their mills that take sooooo long to produce one product and thank them by giving a bonus from your help. I never really understood the thank you process in the game, as I have always thanked others for helping me in "real life". This is just my state of mind......
  11. JoeDee

    [UPDATE] Dec. 14 06:00 - 08:00 (UTC)

    My garden harvesting doesn't produce the bonus chests anymore. Can someone fix it please?
  12. JoeDee

    Winter Brunch Shop & Winter Croquette Shop

    Hello! Watson is in the random boxes right now. I'm unsure about the shops though, I have only seen them once. We may get new winter shops though ☺
  13. I've had it too Hun. What helped me was to turn off your network or Internet connection, whichever you are using, and restart/reboot your device, then reconnect it. I hope you have the same luck ☘Most inconvenient when searching the timed market. Geeze...
  14. My surprise is never ending in this game. The landmarks were a kick in the pants with the required eco to complete them, ridiculous! Theme park items were almost fair, at least we could upgrade them with gold, but the seed cost was a bit too high. Crafting theme park items is expensive! I haven't had much luck gathering anything but soil, sand, and moss. I could likely build a fabulous golf course, but that isn't a crafting option. The last update brought us the carribean pirate ship for the theme park which is really cute, but due to the number of 50 seed materials needed to craft it, it will likely never be in my town. I think this was an outrageous jump in materials, considering it isn't much more of a benefit than other rides and takes 20 tickets to start it. The amount of "real money" I have spent on this game to get the things I wanted, is sickening, even for me, and I don't even want to add it up, fearing it would equal a down-payment on a new truck. I am suggesting a little more help for the players before they give up and find another game to play. Why not a mixed box with a guaranteed win? Items could be, guaranteed an SS item on your next gathering, one material of your choice, or two lesser materials, 80% gathering odds for 24 hours..... I'm sure you understand where I am going with this. Here is the catch, the mixed box should not be more than 5 seeds, or 1 million gold. Ouch! I know, but I doubt with the number of players, it would be much of an impact. We could use our seeds for other shops that are always coming with updates, and eco items to balance them. I would also like to see a seed OR gold option on most things, and the cost of the new shops back to what they were. Seven seeds was a big increase. Give us all a chance to enjoy the game, rather than limiting our progress by how much we are willing to spend to keep up. It isn't fair. I'm sure that there would be more new players if it was more affordable to play. There are too many with 30 or 40 level, but have not been able to fully expand their main town, and don't have a second town or premium shops, nor do they bother with the missions because they can't finish them. Sad to say, but I think only the game producers are still enjoying it as much as we all should be.
  15. I was hoping that we could have the option to sort out friends by the time zone that they live in. I have many friends all over the map and it is hard to help each other, not knowing if they will be online in time to accept help. The mills / shops show remaining time, but we never know if the friend is currently active. Maybe it would be easier to add an online / offline switch to one of the screens that puts a red or green dot by their picture? I may be the only one concerned about this, but I like to help with quests and missions, and it doesn't help at all if they miss the offer. ? Another request.... Would it be possible to have a water tile or water ground cover? I like to put items in a water screen, but it leaves a green outline which currently can only be helped with non-matching tiles. I'm sorry if this sounds really fussy, but I spend far too much time in this game. ?
  16. JoeDee

    Crashing Problem

    I have a slightly different problem. I can log in just fine and play, but when I go to the downtown and try to collect the research beaker, it tells me I am trying to connect to an unstable environment and try again on a 3G or 4G network. I find that to be odd, considering I am using a galaxy tablet and WiFi at home, not my phone......
  17. I was wondering how long it takes to process the rewards. I have yet to receive 1 natural gas from July 9th, and 3 oil from July 30th. I checked my receipts and they were within the event time. Will they be issued soon?
  18. JoeDee

    Some have PR Mills and others don't?

    We just have to wait. When the updates take place, we get new shops, and usually a premium shop or pen is added. One at a time. I know it's a little frustrating some times. I think when I started playing, there was only the premium cow pen. There are many now, and more to come, but patience is very necessary in this game.
  19. JoeDee

    Mills in storage

    Each production item has a negative eco, mills, shops, fruit trees, garden squares, and theme park items. When you remove them from your town, your eco goes up, and when you put them back out, your eco goes down. The main goal is to buy eco items like houses, flowers, roads, etc. to balance out the negative items. Build your beautiful town and decorate like crazy. If you add another shop, you must add another eco item to help keep it even. You can raise your eco by storing the things you don't need at the moment, and just produce the things you are using. If you put a shop in storage, and take out another, your points should stay about the same. Segovia walls are nice, space saving and add good eco, and also wooden roads. Both are fairly inexpensive, but helpful. ☺ I hope this helped you Hun! Enjoy the game!
  20. JoeDee

    Sky decorations

    Would it be possible to have more "normal" sky decorations? I'm not fond of the unusual hot air balloons, or the space items, but I have them for the eco anyway. How about the obvious? A sun, moon, big & little dippers, plane, birds, etc. You were close with the rainbow, kite, and star constellation, but then the satellite, and UFO with a cow..... what happened there....? I realize that this is just a fun, EXPENSIVE game, but I personally would rather have sky items that are actually seen ! More options for a great idea would also help clear up cluttered towns and promote creativity! More so, if we could buy them with gold. More space = more shop and eco item sales. You still win! My Villagers are always sad. Maybe it's because they don't know what time of day it is. Better yet, if our friends in another time zone, had night skies when it is night time in their Country!!!!! Oh!, the things I would change ?