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  1. Aurlee

    Third town, what to expect?

    Hello~ If I recall correctly, the third town comes with the merry go round theme park and you also get more fields for planting crops.
  2. Aurlee

    Retrieving accounts?

    Hihi, I personally haven't had this happened to me yet but I have seen it happen quite a bit to others. From what I've seen the whole process is pretty quick, it usually takes 2-4 days before they're able to to recover the account. I don't think I've ever heard of a case where they are unable to recover an overwritten account so tell your friend not to worry and hope to see them in game again soon!
  3. Aurlee

    HELP! How to get back my account?!?!

    Hi, sorry to hear that. I would try sending their support team an email explaining the situation. Make sure to include your IGN and account you want it to be linked to. Their email is Hope to see you in game again soon ^^
  4. Aurlee

    Floor tiles

    Hello! While in edit mode, tap the bottom left tab that says structure. It should switch and say "tile" This mode will let you pick up and store individual tiles~ OR If you want to store ALL tiles at once without having to do it one by one, tap the tab at the top that says 'choose structure'. This will open up a sub menu that will let you store away all decorations, or only certain types, including tiles. Hope this helps!
  5. Aurlee

    HELP! Everytown account being deleted

    Was your account linked to a SNS like Line, Twitter, Facebook or Google+? If so, should be able to log back in by opening your "toolbox" in the lower right corner, then "option", then "SNS login". If your account wasn't linked, try sending an email to their support channel explaining your situation. Make sure to include your in game name (IGN). Their support email is Hope to see you in game soon
  6. Aurlee

    Trouble with eco..

    Hello there! Please don't worry, as that is actually completely normal. The reason it cost more eco to install the same mill in your older account is because you have more mills installed in your older town. This isn't explained in game but as you install more and more mills in your town, the eco cost for mills starts increasing as well. For example, let say I have 10 mills installed in one account, it will cost me 2,300 eco to install an 11th mill. But I also have another account with only 4 mills installed, it will cost me 1,300 eco to install the same mill. This is just an example and the actual numbers may be way off but hopefully you will find this helpful~
  7. The fastest way to get coupon code rewards is to completely close the the app and restart it. And voila! Your reward will be waiting in the mail, enjoy!
  8. Aurlee

    "Can no longer register" ??? Help.

    Yes! There is a limit to how many stuff you can register per day. It tells you how many items you can still register in the "stall" tab The daily limit gets higher the more stalls you have unlocked. At the max of 8 stalls, you can register 30 items daily. Hope this helps~
  9. Aurlee

    Game down

    Anytime, glad I could help!
  10. Aurlee

    Game down

    Hello~! Just now, I tried logging in with WiFi and mobile network. Both seem to work fine for me. But when stuff like that happens, I try restarting my phone. That fixes it sometimes. If that doesn't work, try uninstalling and reinstalling, and if that still doesn't work please contact them explaining your problem, their email is: Hope you can log in soon~
  11. Aurlee

    Any way to increase eco And save space?

    Hello! With landmark and spending seeds out of the question, the next best way to get nice eco and be space efficient is to try some of the gold random boxes~ Some of the decorations yout get from these boxes are as good as the ones you buy in the shop with seeds, they give the same eco. I would recommend trying one box every 1 or 2 days to avoid disappointment or losing too much gold. I'm speaking from personal experience, but it's totally up to you lol Pros *You don't spend seeds *Can try for villagers you don't have yet Cons *Can easily drain your gold *Might not get anything good Really hope this helps
  12. Aurlee

    [HEART BOOST] 27 APR ~ 1 MAY [Closed]

    Gonna be getting lots of roses fences with this boost, thnx Tom!
  13. Aurlee

    Accidentally picked Google login instead of facebook

    Don't worry, you will be able to log into your Facebook account. However, you will need to create a new account and play through the tutorial first. Once you complete the tutorial, open the tool box in the lower right corner > options and logout of Google. Afterwards, you should be taken to the main menu, and given the option to login through Facebook. Hope this helps
  14. Aurlee

    [FEATURE] Landmark

    Hello! That's very good question! Let's say you have an item that is worth 5,000 eco and merge it into a landmark. The landmark eco will not increase by 5,000, in fact it might not increase at all. In order for the for the landmark eco to increase, you need to level it up by merging 'x' amount of eco. The higher the lvl, the more eco you need to merge for the landmark to level up. For example: To go from lvl 9 to 10, I need to merge 1,061,172 eco (this is not the total eco I have merged into the landmark, this is just to go from level 9 to 10). Naturally, the eco you need to merge into it to level up is much less at lower levels. Hope this information helps~
  15. Aurlee

    Deleting mills

    Do you mean putting it away? If so, you need to wait for the mill to finish production and collect the product. Instead of starting production again, 'edit' your town, select the mill you want to put away and store it. If you want to get rid of it completely, look for it in your inventory, select it and choose the sell option. Hope this helps~