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  1. Looking forward to this update Are the current heartshop items getting replaced? I don't remember the last update saying so. I assumed they'd stay, then lost my chance at couple times I've had my eye on. I remember when these updates would state in the heartshop section of the notes which items would be switched out and which ones switched in. That no longer seems to be the case. Just says which items will be introduced for the update.
  2. Hyrein

    Wrong profile pics/lag?

    Yeah! It eventually updates, but in my experience it takes weeks for that to happen :\ Some of my friends have the same problem, but theirs update quicker.
  3. Hyrein

    Wrong profile pics/lag?

    Is anyone else experiencing this? The profile pics my friends are using are different in the display (help bubbles on mills/shops/pens, in my posts, and their town), an older picture shows instead of the one currently being used by them. If anyone has a solution to this please post one! Additional details: I'm currently using an Android device (cell phone). This problem doesn't occur on my other cell phone. (Apple/iOS device)
  4. Merging fees depend on whether the prize can be purchased with seeds/hearts or gold. Eco items purchasable by gold cost more to merge. Eco items available in heart shop and normal shop purchasable by seeds cost less. Some items have a seed/heart version so compare the ECO to see if it's the gold version or the seed/heart version. EX: Purple house has a gold and seed version, the seed version will be cheaper. IIRC there's some gold items mixed in some of those random boxes.
  5. Oh, was there no way to toggle the feature on/off? Thanks again for taking these into consideration, Tom!
  6. Woohoo! New update! Gonna have to wait for that PR goat though cause I'm on a crApple™ device, but the other stuff is neat! I might get the tree if it's not too expensive (still working on maxing the mansion). That garden is also lookin' mighty fine. Seriously, lovin' the frequent updates! ...Anyway, hope we get more player events and maybe coupon codes with this update! *hint hint* d(ゝ∀・)
  7. Yes, a push notification! Haha Sorry about the VERY late reply! Thank's for taking time to read my post, Tom
  8. Lot's of great ideas that I've been wish they implemented. The game lacks so many QoL features! Many that I'm sure wouldn't be difficult to implement. The FAQ for the game is greatly needed. People on the Facebook page ask the same questions ALL. THE. TIME.—Many with simple answers/fixes. If we had an in-game FAQ this would cut down on those questions, and even save time by directing them towards the FAQ. Another suggestion, can we PLEASE get a "reply button in-game so that we don't have to visit our friends town to reply? This is a social game and not everyone has LINE, some don't want to get it either. Having the ability to reply in-game would be wonderful. Lasty... to add to this, an "ON/OFF" option for notifications when you receive a post/message.
  9. Whoa! Thanks for the info Ping! I was assuming it was just another version of the "starter pack". This is awesome!
  10. So happy the starter pack is back! (That rhymed.. lol) Can we get the starter and junior pack once a month? That'd be awesome! (Just a suggestion)
  11. Hyrein

    [UPDATE EVENT] ~ May 25 [CLOSED]

    I LOVE this! The sales, the starter pack & junior pack, and the landmarks! You guys should refresh the starter and junior pack once every month!
  12. Will this update give us another "Monthly Quest" with a trophy? If not, any ideas when?