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  1. RavenKat

    Happy Easter!

    Love this
  2. RavenKat

    ✴️New Editing System✴️

    Yesssssss please !!!
  3. RavenKat

    [UPDATE] 6 APR 06:00 ~ 08:00 (UTC)

    Oh gosh you quoted me asking something while I was eating hahaha my sentence is everywhere hahahaha!! I clearly just blurted my thoughts and didn't proof read lol my bad hehe
  4. RavenKat

    [UPDATE] 6 APR 06:00 ~ 08:00 (UTC)

    What happened to the giftshop with rose oil and stuff?? Did I miss the announcement that it was gift shop?
  5. RavenKat

    Multiple Filters

    Neeeeeeeeed more filtersssssssss
  6. RavenKat


    @moonclea yeah I have too when I was lower leveled I use to accidentally seed my crop when collecting mills around it lol!! But using a seed on a restaurant item sounds baaaad. Since they're so common ya know ? @_@
  7. RavenKat


    Ouch... that really sucks to spend a seed on that
  8. RavenKat

    [BUY] Osaka Castle related crafting Items [complete]

    Okay so like.... lemme know if and when you get extras !! I'm trying to build mine lolol .... I literally need all as well except for silver
  9. RavenKat

    [HEART BOOST] 23 MAR ~ 29 MAR [Closed]

    Love heart events !!!!!!
  10. RavenKat

    [HOT TIME]17 MAR ~ 19 MAR [Closed]

  11. @Manana I was going to delete the other thread anyways hehe and forums are so quiet! What all other games does everyone play ?!
  12. RavenKat

    [SPECIAL] Sweet White Day (14 MAR ~ 28 MAR) [Closed]

    @GM_Tom Tell the whole team that the Dango shop is cuuuute too!
  13. RavenKat

    [SPECIAL] Sweet White Day (14 MAR ~ 28 MAR) [Closed]

    Yeah that was an error haha
  14. RavenKat

    [SPECIAL] Sweet White Day (14 MAR ~ 28 MAR) [Closed]

    Super cuuuuuuuuuute! Thanks Tom!!! ♡ Happy White Day all!
  15. RavenKat

    How to register the stall

    Go to your 'Tool Box' icon bottom right... then the tab 'Keep/Sell' and from there click whatever item you want to register and on the item screen should be two windows almost like switching windows on a computer lol one tab is for selling to npc and there's another tab to register in the market! Hope this helps