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  1. Same problem... hope they fix it soon! Now, even my facebook account can not login at times....
  2. Tialunar

    Floor tiles

    Yes, the screenshots were especially helpful. Thank you!
  3. Tialunar

    Floor tiles

    How to erase/replace the individual the floor tiles (2k each) ? I placed a few previously and can't find any way to remove them now.
  4. Tialunar

    [NOTICE] Server Issues [Resolved]

    Thank you!
  5. Tialunar

    [MAINTENANCE] 18 MAY 03:00 ~ 08:00

    I tried on Apple and android. Both crashed. Foresee a bunch of rotting crops & products tomorrow when I wake...
  6. Tialunar

    Server error

    I've been getting the message "Server error. Re-importing town info" whenever I try to start the game or add friends for the past 30mins. Game was perfectly fine before that. Tried changing devices, clearing data, reinstalling but with limited success of loading the game. Did something happen?
  7. Tialunar

    No more advertisements?

    Didn't manage to watch any ad videos for the past few days, even though I tried at different times of the day. Is it just me having bad luck/timing, or does anyone else have the same issue?
  8. Tialunar

    [EVENT] Christmas Heart Booster (Extended!) [Closed]

    Thanks! Merry Christmas! ☃
  9. Tialunar

    [EVENT] Christmas Heart Booster (Extended!) [Closed]

    Same encounter. Maybe the rates got reset during the update... in that case could we have an extension to the heart boost duration?
  10. Tialunar

    [EVENT] Meet the Limited Villager, Watson [Closed]

    I second that!! Heart event please~~!
  11. In the shop, there's the button option to sort mills by production time. Could we have the same option in the inventory too? I like to put out mills with long production time before I sleep & place them according to time when I redecorate, so this will make it easier to find the needed mills.
  12. Tialunar

    Train station - rewards and reset?

    2. I'm guessing it's different for everyone. My first train wanted rose wine, wool & olive oil. Second train is moth orchid, white wine & cheese crackers. (assumes Puniko's train wants popcorn) 3. While we wait for official answers, here's pooling our reward encounters: gold & pepper from my first train. Edit: 2nd train rewards 5 pepper, 5 salt, 10k. 3rd train wants 12 pumpkin soup, 22 roses & something (tapped too fast) and rewards 10k, 400xp, 150 hearts. 4th train wants 6 fruit juice, 14 cheese crackers, 16 honey, 6 pickles and rewards 400xp, 15k, 200xp, 100 hearts. I kind of agree with H0n3b33 about losing money selling to the train..especially the pumpkin soup. Restaurant takes only 5mins & gives more gold per soup, not 12 soup!
  13. Tialunar

    How to really delete a friend

    Lol, thanks Raven. Yeah it is! 150 plus all the new friends/players.. I'll just check my visitor list instead ?
  14. Tialunar

    How to really delete a friend

    Block them (thus removing them from your follow list) then go to your block list (found inside "options") and remove their names from the block list. Now they won't be inside any of your lists. =)
  15. I was really excited about them special ingredients mills, especially salt since I use it so much. But after seeing it, 24hr for 5-8 products at 100 experience seems kind of insufficient. I had hoped that it would be 12 or even 17hrs...ah well. While I debate whether to buy any, I'm curious - what do others think of it? Would you buy them?