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    game data and account overwriting

    Hello, fellow Everytown gamers! ^__^ I hope someone can help me here, since the support doesn't answer me. I've been playing this game for quite some time on different devices (phone, tablet, etc) and have two main accounts: one synced with Google, the other with Facebook. But every time I install the game on a new device, it forces me to create a new blank account and then always logs me into it by default. So every time I have to go to option—sns login—select login--select data to switch to my main accounts. It’s inconvenient, frustrating and time-consuming. Is there a way to delete those unused blank accounts (I have as many as three of them now) and only log into my main ones, linked with Google and Facebook? As much as I can understand, the "Overwrite account" option will do the opposite of what I need — wipe out my SNS account and replace it with a new one created by the device. Account on the right will be kept, account on the left will be wiped. Or am I getting this wrong?