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  1. Concirdmom

    No Manners in Helping Mills?

    WOW!! Thank Y❥u Thank Y♡U THANK Y☆U for bringing up this subject.. Let me say first of all that I am a fairly new player and I have to say that this game is the hardest one I have EVER played as far as all the different aspects of the game and most certainly because of all of the politics involved!! There are no clear guidelines ANYWHERE to help new players... Hell- there isn't even anything remotely useful on YouTube and as grateful as I am for this feed there is not any sort of real organization to it... and more importantly it's quite overwhelming for me still at level 41 -NEVERMIND when I was new and trying to figure out how to play! There is useful information in here there's no doubt - but finding it is a lot like fishing... You spend hours with your the water but it's rare to actually catch the fish! Secondly- I have to say that I am SOOOO Blessed to have found 2 out of over 100 "FRIENDS" that were actually higher level players willing to help little ole me as I bumbled thru the game. So THREE CHEERS FOR QTLADY1590 who took me under her wing at level 11 and I found JoeDee around level 20 & I am so happy to say she has become one of my closer ET Friends! They were both actually willing to help me even though they were many many levels ahead and I didn't have anything for either of them to gain except hearts at first. I MOST DEFINITELY APPRECIATE BOTH OF THEM VERY MUCH!! Especially JoeDee after she listened to me whine after dealing with a rude and VERY DEMANDING player. It really sucked to have to deal with that mess after an incident they must have felt was spiteful but in actuality was the complete opposite! If they had only waited a few minutes before they started barking at me (which then led to barking orders at me) then I would have had the time to actually send the message I was about to write to them to explain why I made the choice that I did. It's sad people just can't be thankful for what they've already received- regardless how much the givers give - it's never enough for the takers. Thankfully I haven't stumbled across too many of them in the game but unfortunately it does only take one bad apple to spoil the bunch! So...back to the point. Regarding the thanking thing - I try to be a little more creative and write more personal messages- but admit there are times when I copy and paste some part if not all of the message however I'd like to say that doesn't mean that I don't mean it just as much each time I leave it. What Himacchaii is saying about it being a mutual relationship between visitor and owner is quite true however....from my experience after accepting all help (except the one) I have been refused help several times with no explanation. Considering I am a fairly new player I often wonder what I did to make.this person refuse - so if you are a higher level.person - or for that matter any person refusing help at all maybe if you take the time to msg the person and tell.them why. you refused their help this way they will be less likely to do it again and you may actually help this person learn how to play...(or at least be reminded they should mind their manners and not be greedy) This also brings up another subject for me.... I still have NO IDEA WHATSOEVER what mills are Union - 2000xp - crafting or whatever other kind there is that people list in Notices or Profiles not to claim!! - I cannot find a list to use as a guide ANYWHERE!! Does anyone have one of these?? Do they even exist?? Cuz it would be SOOOO INCREDIBLY HELPFUL to know what to do so Im not the one ticking anyone off! I know what some of the important ones are - only because they are always the mills locked in most everyone's towns but there's no way I can remember all of them from memory....I still.have no clue what mills are above 2000xp higher than level 41 and I hope I don't choose one by mistake because the only way for me to verify them is to actually leave the town and go my town - then pull up my shop and try to find it (it might be easier if we cld sort A-Z) which is CRAZY and takes up so much time and half the time I forget who I was visiting in the first place! So.its a mute point! Having this be the only tool I have to verify mills/shops is BONKERS!!. Thanks for listening and if.anyone knows where there is a listing of all.shops/mills I would LOVE ONE!!
  2. Great IDEA!!! LOVE IT!! Thank Y❥u \ (•◡•) /Thank Y❥u (◕‿◕✿)THANK Y☆U! ❤️Mel
  3. Concirdmom

    Please help

    Well... the only help I recieved so far was from a player so my Aloe issue is fixed - however Inam still waiting for my reply regarding my credit of 240 seeds and 7000 coin for my purchase on 5-22-2018 and my question about my name being misspelled it should be ConcordMom not ConcirdMom and now I have another issue with my purchase of the sale item offered today because I did not receive this one as well .....You can clearly see the amount of seeds in the background of the screenshot I enclosed and when I never received it I tried to purchase it again and got the same message stating I had already purchased it - I have enclosed that screenshot as well. Here is the link to my photos just in case they don't add themselves as an attachment Once again my contact information is the following Name is Melissa Sheehy Game center username ConcordMom email is phone is 6032299423 Facebook Alexandria Rox - please confirm once this issue is resolved And if there isn't better way to contact someone for support please please please include that information as well....
  4. Concirdmom


    Hey Martsipan ....I just saw your post and wanted to thank you again for your help with my Aloe and the fact that I needed to upgrade my house .... Inwould also like to ask you if there is some better wayborna betterment to ask for support on .... It seems Inam having another issue with purchasing seeds and not receiving them .... Please feel free to find me / my user name should be ConcordMom but it is misspelled as ConcirdMom ....Thanks again -Melissa
  5. Concirdmom

    Please help

    ?❤️Thank you so much for the information about upgrading my house to get aloe - I truly appreciate you taking the time to offer your advice ?
  6. Concirdmom

    Please help

    PLEASE HELP.... I cannot do ANYTHING ELSE IN MY GAME!! I have written to you via 3 different ways because there is no clear way to access support which REALLY stinks!! My first issue is regarding my current challenge which is asking me to grow aloe which should have been available to me several levels ago but it is still locked along with a few other vegetables....My second issue is that I made a purchase on May 22, 2018 for the $13.99 Special package of coins and clovers but never received any of it .... I got so desperate to get past this level I evenI tried to order the same package again but I keep getting an error message that says I have already purchased it. I also tried purchasing a different package as well and it looks like it will work but then I don’t receive anything. Now I am COMPLETELY STUCK!! I can’t make any purchases and I can’t complete my challenges! My third issue is that I misspelled my username .... it should be Concordmom but I spelled it Concirdmom .... my Facebook account I connected to my game is and my phone is(603) 229-9423 PLEASE fix my game and unlock the vegetables at the appropriate levels and DEFINITELY fix the issue with purchasing items as well as credit me for the $13.99 I spent but did not receive any items for ...... THEN PLEASE CONTACT ME TO TELL ME ITS ALL FIXED Also..... There should be a more direct way to access help ......first I have to go into Everytown - click the tool box then the Facebook page then find and click then sign in here - it is pretty crazy and feels like too many steps. soooo is several days later and I cannot move forward - I seriously need HELP!! here is the link to the pictures I want you to see of my game
  7. Concirdmom


    Oh my GOODNESS!! Thank you!!!!! Sooooo MUCH! I am liked to the right account again!! I am so relieved ! I just really wanted to express my appreciation for your help! Have a wonderful day!
  8. Concirdmom


    My game has been linked to my Gamecenter account under Concordmom since I started playing. I have spent cash in seeds several times - had almost 2,000,000 in coins ... Worked hard updating in my town and making friends . Then my game was updated and would not allow me to sign in with linking it to Facebook- Twitter or Line - so I added my Twitter account to it ... Then I finally get in and my game was completely gone!!!! I am back to the very beginning and I am soooooo upset!!! Please please please help me get this figured out... What do I do???