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  1. kokoryuu

    Forum broken?

    Thank you GM Tom for fixing the forum! Everything works fine again. ❤️
  2. I can savely say I can still play it and I'm from Germany. If you have the game allready it still works and all. It just disappeared in Google Playstore. I'm truly happy about this even though I'm only level 28 I truly like my little town
  3. kokoryuu

    Forum broken?

    This is just great.... ? In case someone can offer me a solution please DM me because I can't read whatsoever on this forum anymore
  4. kokoryuu

    Forum broken?

    Sadly I can't find a bug report thread or anything like that but the forum seems to be broken to me (see image attached) I already tried everything and it seems I'm the only one who has that issue? btw ALL of the threads are like this. Some with more text, others with not so much text.
  5. Just a little heads up for everyone looking for Qoo: You can't find it in the Playstore. You can only find it through Google and install the APK.
  6. (Long time lurker here but active player) When I read that yesterday I was really pissed and sad because I love that game but I'm from Germany. What looser suggested isn't that far off expect that it works far easier on Apple than on Android. Another friend of mine suggested to install the app named "Qoo" which gets you access to the japanese playstore. I deleted Everytown and installed it via the japanese playstore. So far the game is exactly the same. All my stuff is still there and all of my accounts. I will see how it will be after the 24th but that's just easier than changing region on Android. So far I haven't found a way to do so easily and I read VPNs don't really work on Android unless you put an US credit card or bank account into the store. Yes, as you see I'm hell bend to continue to play it no matter what. This whole law about the DSGVO is pure shit! It ruins the gamerworld in Europe and the devs because they loose out on a lot of profit from Europe. Way to destroy a whole industry. As for me, I'll find my way around it. I always have. The reason why Flero might cancel the EU servers is just because of the HUGE amount of money and work it takes to implement this law and implement everything. Whole data banks have to be programmed a new and that takes man power which smaller devs just don't have. So far I know of Ragnarok, Everytown and I fear for RE:Legend and Castle Cats. More and more games will follow that lead and shut down EU servers.