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  1. jewelrybunny

    account problem, help pls TwT

    No, there is no other way to use an account over different devices, but it should also stick to the device, as you login once and it should automatically load the same account rather than the blank account. How many device do you have or why do you install it so often? If you have two accounts, you should simply play it on two different devices. And yes overwrite account will delete the left one, while the right one will take its place, so be careful when choosing.
  2. jewelrybunny

    [UPDATE] 06:00 ~ 08:00 18 October (UTC)

    I'm still only lvl 39, so the crafting is still closed for me.
  3. jewelrybunny

    [UPDATE] 06:00 ~ 08:00 18 October (UTC)

    Yeah, since the Korean version is the original, they have released a lot more shops, I haven't properly counted but I'd say there are 20+ 48h shops, four of which you can see in my pictures, so they have enough for the next 12 months, on top of the new ones introduced every month. Regarding crafting TPs there seem to be plenty of unseen ones, much like the 48h shops. Unfortunately I am not yet lvl 40 to actually access the crafting, but from the friends I've visited, they have easily filled one/two towns full with TPs. Craft shops or union shops (72h) on the other hand are much rarer, I have only spotted one or two more compared to the currently released in the international version.
  4. jewelrybunny

    [UPDATE] 06:00 ~ 08:00 18 October (UTC)

    I got these from the korean version, which is far ahead in terms of updates. Unfortunately playflero seem to have stopped updates for the international version, since the last actual update (other then just new shops and with a lvl increment) was a year ago.
  5. jewelrybunny

    Not loading?

    Nice If I remember back, this has happened to me a few times already, it showed me connection errors and I was stuck at the login screen. But the next day/hours later everything just worked again. ?
  6. jewelrybunny

    Not loading?

    It worked for me just fine these past hours I guess a standard answer would to try again later?
  7. jewelrybunny

    Retrieving accounts?

    Hey Aurlee, thanks for your answer, much appreciated. This does sound promising and I will pass it on to her. Seems like all that can be done now, is to wait and see. Edit: See got her account back yesterday
  8. jewelrybunny

    Retrieving accounts?

    A good day to everyone! I am asking this on behalf of my friend Blairchan, you might have come across her in-game already, she has just recently overwritten her account by mistake and had to start a new account. She since has mailed the support system and is awaiting an answer. So my question is, mainly towards those who were in a similar situation: Have you had success in retrieving your account, after losing access? How long did it take? Or how much is the support working nowadays, if you had any contact with them? Appreciate any answers from those still lurking this forum! ?
  9. Yeah, I hoped that this was the only problem. We should be fine, but can't buy seeds or update the app. Even for those two things there are work arounds, like changing the country.
  10. Yeah, I also think that lack of manpower is the main reason rather than some shady business with our data. I highly doubt that they prefer to lose the whole european market over adjusting to the GDPR. And the amount of money, needed for this change, probably also depends on how many accounts exists and how much data they collect. While it is inconvenient for the developers and businesses, you do get the rights to your collected data. As far as I know , we should be still able to play the game from the 25th onwards until a new update is released to the store, but we will have trouble buying seeds, as already mentioned. The change on iOS is quite simple, I suggest creating a completely new account, as it's more difficult with an existing balance: Log out of your current account. Click on any free app and try to download it (this way you can avoid/skip a payment method for the new country) Choose to create a new ID. Pick your new country (any country outside of Europe should be fine for this game, but obviously USA, Australia, S.Korea or Japan are recommended options). Complete the registration (for the address: you can just put anything there, you'll most likely don't need it) Now you can go download ET and you might aswell check out the new store. When you're done, you can change back to your normal account, but you need to keep the login info for the new account, especially the password. You'll be able to update the app while logged in with your normal account, but the appstore will ask for the password of the new account. Unfortunately I haven't found a way to change the country on Google Play, yet, without involving the use of credit cards and/or other payment methods. But I'll do checkout the app @kokoryuu has mentioned. So I'll have to wait and see how it effects the game from May 25 on and go from there.
  11. Well google play is for android, and afaik you can't switch to that, but you have to begin the app on android. Lets hope they fix this issue quickly
  12. I also have trouble logging in since a couple of hours. What platform do you use? I use facebook and keep getting "connection problems", while my friend, using google play doesn't have the that issue.
  13. The American server should be fine, as this is their reaction to the GDPR in EU law, that will be enforced starting May 25. This regulation requires everyone (collecting data in Europe) to update their privacy policies and also helps people to protect their personal data. Unfortunately them discontinuing their service in Europe means that they will not comply with the new regulation. Now we could speculate, if they don't want comply because that will hinder whatever they do with our collected data or that they just lack manpower to correctly follow this update.
  14. jewelrybunny

    [FEATURE] Gather

    The things you want are quite valuable, so you won't get them very easily. Also using lunches don't guarantee you better items, they just increase the chance and since we don't know the percentages, it might just be from 0,1%>0,2%. I recommend going for quantity rather than quality, instead of sending your villagers on a mission with a ss lunch, save the money and send them multiple times. It also helps doing different missions at the same time, but that would require unlocking more villagers from the quests. Personally I have been doing this multiple times a day without any lunches and can confirm that you can get SS items.