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  1. Martsipan

    Research Points and Gather

    Also, if you are a union member you can buy hotel from union shop and have 2 research points per day.
  2. Martsipan

    Mini Guide or tips playing Everytown

    I thought so too, but apparently crafted parks count as different item, so you actually can have 2, 1 bought and 1 crafted
  3. Martsipan

    Please help

    I'm just a user, but i can help you with the aloe issue at least. It's not a bug. The issue with aloe is that you haven't upgraded your house. See that indication on the aloe icon that says LV4 and has red stroke around it? This means that your house (the one with the red roof) needs to be level 4 for it to unlock. Click on the house and you will see how to do it.
  4. Martsipan

    What is this feature in KET?

    Not 100% sure but from what I understand it's a trading system, basically people asking for specific things at the price they are willing to pay (the offering price, if it is similar to other games, can be a lot higher than the maximum market price) and if you have them and you like the offering price you sell it to them. You yourself can ask for items at the tab right next to this one, the one with the cart with 2 arrows. When you toggle that touch button you toggle the search between trading (people asking for specific things) and market (what we have now). Hope this helps.
  5. Martsipan


    Hello, I'm having an issue. The weekly mission button has disappeared, there is only the train icon and nothing else next to it. I've reinstalled the game and while the fresh account had the icon once I synchronized with my account hte weekly mission icon disappeared again. Has this happen to anyone else? How to fix it? It just decided to comeback on its own. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯