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  1. CuntyW

    The experience growth stops after grade 80!

    So Level 80 you no longer gain exp points?!
  2. CuntyW

    Connection Failure Notice

    Noticing a lot of bugs in the game. I keep getting booted off a lot lately this month. I use an iPad2 mini and sign in on Facebook.
  3. When do we receive the oil again?
  4. I have facebook as well. How do you use it on google play? interesting. Guess it is bugs from the update. I am going to miss the seed sale
  5. Jewel, I can't log in today I am so sad and I was ready to buy seeds too. I contact GM TOM but no word. Gonna change my location to make sure the internet is not being tampered with at my house.
  6. CuntyW

    Connection Failure Notice

    TOM HELP! I am an American Player and I cannot get into Everytown. It keeps saying I am on an Unstable Network. HELP! I was about to buy seeds!
  7. Please don't end the American one!
  8. I am trying to craft the Sangria Shop and clay is being really hard to find. I play everyday and will help with anything you need and want. I am on level 43 and I play everyday RELIGIOUSLY! If you want to be mutual friends, please let me know! i do have theme parks but they are all working right now. Please help me complete the Sangria Shop in the Crafting part of the game. Thank you. I had a great birthday yesterday.
  9. I play everyday and am constantly cooking and gathering. Looking for 2 pieces of iron ore so i can craft a creamy pasta restaurant. Please message me to be mutual friends. I am an honest player and ONLY have one account
  10. CuntyW

    Mini Guide or tips playing Everytown

    I own a Rainbow Tower BUT saw that you can do research on how to build a Rainbow Tower. Is it possible to have more than one Rainbow Tower theme park? I want more than one. Can I do that if I build it?
  11. CuntyW

    [FEATURE] Gather

    I sent Chelsea and Irvin to the Rainbow Forrest with a CB Snowball and got Limestone?! kinda upset!
  12. CuntyW

    [FEATURE] Gather

    I was really excited for this feature to open up. But when I started sending the villagers on their gathering mission, I am getting pretty common items. SO THEN I decided to go through the market place to buy the dishes for them to eat while they gather so the search outcomes give me a better product and STILL get common objects that I don't need. I just want the Mammoth, Reina's Pool and Osaka Castle. Things are too expensive. Gathering is upsetting me. But I want to enjoy all the facets of this game. I will never quit playing. TOM HELP!
  13. On level 38 and really excited to be on level 40 and start doing the Crafting and gathering. I am doing the Olga quests and they are fun but I'd rather create items worth eco Pts and use those items to level up my landmarks (I have the Tower of Pisa AND Notre Dame) My Villagers are located on my Third town. Please help me with cookies and sweaters! I will revisit you if you visit me. Thanks for the help! I love this GAME! P.S. How does one get Tom's Library and what does it do????
  14. CuntyW


    I think I just discovered this can be played in America! Thank you! I got my other friend playing as well. I love this game! Thank you! I'd love to work for the game!