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  1. CuntyW

    [EXCHANGE] SS Items for Top Teak

    Trying to build Baby TRex Dino Park. Willing to trade SS Items for TOP TEAK. I NEED TOP TEAK. Here is what I have available for trade: 4 Top Marble 2 Purified Water 1 Oil 7 Natural Stone 3 Diamond Ore Put a message on my board in the game. Thank You.
  2. CuntyW

    How is Everytown? No word on anything new?

    If I do not post this, no one would know.
  3. CuntyW

    How is Everytown? No word on anything new?

    Any time I email the Admin or ask questions, the Admin just directs me to email Play Flero.
  4. CuntyW

    How is Everytown? No word on anything new?

    Korean Everytown goes past Level 80. I have seen players in the triple digits! Actually, this is a letter I emailed to Play Flero. I got a response so I guess they will take my suggestions and deliver them to the relevant departments and see about developing more features for higher level players. The Admin on this site does not read my posts.
  5. I am asking, "HOW IS EVERYTOWN?" Because the announcement for the SS Purchasing gift was for an item that is not on the game. There are not any updates or any info or a representative telling us how things are developing, how popular the game is and if more development of the international version will continue. Like I stated previously, I started playing this game on Facebook and it was called Summer Springs by Gaia. I don't want this game to be cancelled. This is the only game I play and take it very seriously. I had to create my own rules for other people visiting my town because as I go through my visits, I notice inactive players that have attached themselves to me by following me, SO THEN I have to block them and then go to my block list and unblock them because the list can hold so many. MY rule is DO NOT FOLLOW if under level 35. My Downtown is devoted to theme parks that are free to anyone visiting BUT I also have a rule ONE AT A TIME. People get greedy and want to do more than one, that is when the block sticks and they no longer get access to me. RARELY is anyone nice enough to offer me a theme park in return but that is ok. This game is not advertised anywhere, so how do people know it exists and how will more people play so that the game can continue, prosper and develop in to something similar to the KOREAN original? I got my friends to play with me and they have not stopped yet. I enjoyed seeing their progress over time. What upsets me most is to hear that the levels cap off at 80. So i have been purposely using less specialty and premium mills so that i do not level up fast but the quests are so long and extensive now as I progress through the game. (Example: I need to make 200 Teriyaki to make 200 Okonomiyaki for the level I am on. I have 20 Teriyaki mills and 13 Okonomiyaki restaurants) What annoys me the most is DOLCE the ghost and WATSON the polar bear. I need these Villagers and there is no way to get them. Tom's Library Looks really cool. I wish I had known sooner that the game was available again and i would have been playing it sooner. I play 12 hours a day. I even spend actual money on it as well. I even got other people to play the game with who also spend their money on the game as well. No matter how mundane it can be at times, I still find other things to do to keep me playing and interested in the game. I have to make up quests for myself in the game and it seems to pass the time: - I have decided that i want to collect 2 of every item that is possible to have in my keep (Special winter themed Vin Chaud is never available in the market and never see it on anyones towns.) - I have collected all EXCEPT three outfits for my villagers (About to be level 64 so I do not have Luka yet. Hood and James do not have their alternate outfit yet.) - I got all the Towns. Two out of five need the final expansion. - I crafted the max on Reira's Pools and Town Halls. - I have been upgrading my mills, restaurants, pens AND Theme parks - I gamble at the Pool Random Box for more Reira's Pools but never get a single one. - I visit my mutual friends and then my followers everyday. - I have completed the research on all except the Butterfly Garden (I did the Toucan as soon as I got 140 research points. - I bought so many seed packages that I currently have 13 Union Cards - Restaurant Menu I have consistently working. I have completed 23 out of 33 sets. 10 more to go. 1. Steak Set(Lv.4), 2. Brunch Set(Lv.4), 3. Sausage Pizza Set(Lv.4), 4. Coq AuVin Set(Lv.4), 5. Mapo Tofu Set (Lv.4), 6. Meat Pie Set (Lv.4), 7. Curry Omelet Set(Lv.3), 8. Spaghetti Set(Lv.3), 9. Risotto Set and 10. Roasted Duck(Lv.3). - Collecting ALL sky decorations and duplicates - Collecting duplicate theme parks - Upgrade my Landmarks to full eco - Upgrade eco structures to the highest eco of that specific structure size. (Example: Council ~ Lena's Pool ~ Cottage) (Sawyer's Fall ~ Tavern ~ 2 Story Flat) - The gathering I am constantly doing with and without lunches. My Second Town is devoted to Crafted Restaurants and Shops as well as current Gathering Lunch Items. - All crops I grow I have of over 1k of each item. Still collecting Eggplant from the market and higher level players. (My keep is worth 455 Million) The weekly Quest this week was EXTREMELY easy and I finished it the day it came out. That is one of the quests I made up for myself as well: COMPLETE the weekly in one day. In short, not knowing how the game is doing I grow in fear that the game will be discontinued. I have emailed before stating I would be willing to devote my time for further development of the game but I know nothing about computer gaming or programming BUT I DO play the Korean version and seeing what is similar and what the international version does not have seems nice but, Will the international version match the Korean Original? This is the only game I play and I love it dearly. I have been on this site consistently and try to keep a dialogue going but seeing article on how people get frustrated with the game and list their many reasons on why they quit might dishearten people from playing the game all together. When the Level 80 players said it caps off at that level and there are no more quests made me feel like the international version needs a little more attention and there is so much more that can be done to the game so that it is matching the original Korean Version. I hope my message reaches someone because I feel like the game is being abandoned and I want to keep playing this game even if i have to invent things to do on my own to keep me interested. Thank you for your time.
  6. I would love it if Olga's Menu had new entries (31?!) like the Original(5 new restaurant and 3 exclusive Restaurants you can only win from Random Box during a specific season). There is so much that the international game does not have, Therefore, I play both games. I just got the gathering, crafting, deconstruction and etc and most of the Restaurant mills you are able to craft.
  7. I Started recently and was wondering if is there a way i could obtain some of these items? - Caramel Cookies -The Villager Dolce The Ghost - Halloween Cheesecake The rest are suggestions because I think it would be cool if these would be on the international version: In the original they have THREE extra towns -High Town -Up Town -Noble Town In the Original version of the game, there are two other characters that i wish were in the international one as well: - A black girl who looks like she is a mechanic - a Fairy that flies Beyond Level 80 Quests and to be able to expand to 60 x 60 Thank you! 나는 최근에 시작했고 내가이 아이템들을 얻을 수있는 방법이 있는지 궁금해하고 있었다. - 캐러멜 쿠키 - The Villager Dolce 유령 - 할로윈 치즈 케이크 나머지는 다음과 같은 제안들이다. 왜냐하면 이것들이 국제 버전에 포함된다면 좋을 것이라고 생각하기 때문이다. 원래 그들은 3 개의 여분의 마을을 가지고있다 - 하이 타운 - 업 타운 노블 타운 게임의 원본 버전에는 내가 원했던 두 가지 다른 문자가 있습니다. - 마치 정비사처럼 보이는 흑인 소녀. - 날아 다니는 요정 레벨 80 퀘스트를 넘어서 60x60으로 확장 가능 고맙습니다!
  8. CuntyW

    [UPDATE] 06:00 ~ 08:00 18 October (UTC)

    Thank you for the Halloween Update and thank you JewelryBunny for the pics I can't wait to craft the Halloween Go Carts and the Halloween Landmark! Thank you Flero and EVERYTOWN! Halleloo! Is there a way to get Dolce this season? I need an extra hand to cook ?
  9. THANK YOU Flero and EVERYTOWN! Just got everything i was missing! Thank you! Will Re-Up on seeds very soon. Gotta feed those Landmarks and finish them. Just finished the tower! KOR version is so good! Can't wait to: 1.) MASTER ALL of Olga's Menu, 2.)get all the theme parks as well as the landmarks and sky decorations, 3.)finish expansion, 4.) Have all villagers and outfits. These are my main objectives in the game. The crafting is driving me crazy. EVERYTOWN and KOR EVERYTOWN are the only games I play. Thank you thank you thank you! I hope this game continues. When Gaia got rid of Summer Springs, I vowed never to play another game ever unless it was EveryTown! Thank you!!!!!
  10. It would be bad ass if we had more towns, could go past Level 80 and could expand more. We need more love in EveryTown Please.
  11. the Korean Version has more gift options and is more challenging. I wish the international version could match the Korean Version.
  12. These two characters are in the Korean Version, I wish I knew what their names are. They look really cool and wish we had them in our line up of Villagers. The Korean Version has so much more. ;0 tee hee!
  13. I play everyday. Starting to level up my Landmarks so that means I need coins! I got friends but it seems as though people stop playing or it is too challenging. I am about to be on level 56. Very excited. I always need Quartz and Pearls. I got some rare gathering items that i can trade. I need Top Teak and High Teak as well. Please play and visit everyday. I know how the blocking works and have no problem using it. I was blocking inactive players that were following me. Thought it was not fair to the people who follow me and play everyday. message me that you are wanting to be mutual friends. Thank you! I LOVE EVERYTOWN!!!
  14. CuntyW

    The experience growth stops after grade 80!

    So Level 80 you no longer gain exp points?!