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  1. I Started recently and was wondering if is there a way i could obtain some of these items? - Caramel Cookies -The Villager Dolce The Ghost - Halloween Cheesecake The rest are suggestions because I think it would be cool if these would be on the international version: In the original they have THREE extra towns -High Town -Up Town -Noble Town In the Original version of the game, there are two other characters that i wish were in the international one as well: - A black girl who looks like she is a mechanic - a Fairy that flies Beyond Level 80 Quests and to be able to expand to 60 x 60 Thank you! 나는 최근에 시작했고 내가이 아이템들을 얻을 수있는 방법이 있는지 궁금해하고 있었다. - 캐러멜 쿠키 - The Villager Dolce 유령 - 할로윈 치즈 케이크 나머지는 다음과 같은 제안들이다. 왜냐하면 이것들이 국제 버전에 포함된다면 좋을 것이라고 생각하기 때문이다. 원래 그들은 3 개의 여분의 마을을 가지고있다 - 하이 타운 - 업 타운 노블 타운 게임의 원본 버전에는 내가 원했던 두 가지 다른 문자가 있습니다. - 마치 정비사처럼 보이는 흑인 소녀. - 날아 다니는 요정 레벨 80 퀘스트를 넘어서 60x60으로 확장 가능 고맙습니다!
  2. CuntyW

    [UPDATE] 06:00 ~ 08:00 18 October (UTC)

    Thank you for the Halloween Update and thank you JewelryBunny for the pics I can't wait to craft the Halloween Go Carts and the Halloween Landmark! Thank you Flero and EVERYTOWN! Halleloo! Is there a way to get Dolce this season? I need an extra hand to cook ?
  3. Need 4 Top Marble and 6 Ruby to craft Peacock Pen. Willing to trade for these items. I have for trade: Natural Gas, High Teak and High Hinoki, High Willow, extra Turquoise and Top Coral. Thank you please message me on the guest board in the game. Please visit Cunty W. I play EVERYTOWN EVERYDAY!
  4. THANK YOU Flero and EVERYTOWN! Just got everything i was missing! Thank you! Will Re-Up on seeds very soon. Gotta feed those Landmarks and finish them. Just finished the tower! KOR version is so good! Can't wait to: 1.) MASTER ALL of Olga's Menu, 2.)get all the theme parks as well as the landmarks and sky decorations, 3.)finish expansion, 4.) Have all villagers and outfits. These are my main objectives in the game. The crafting is driving me crazy. EVERYTOWN and KOR EVERYTOWN are the only games I play. Thank you thank you thank you! I hope this game continues. When Gaia got rid of Summer Springs, I vowed never to play another game ever unless it was EveryTown! Thank you!!!!!
  5. It would be bad ass if we had more towns, could go past Level 80 and could expand more. We need more love in EveryTown Please.
  6. the Korean Version has more gift options and is more challenging. I wish the international version could match the Korean Version.
  7. These two characters are in the Korean Version, I wish I knew what their names are. They look really cool and wish we had them in our line up of Villagers. The Korean Version has so much more. ;0 tee hee!
  8. I play everyday. Starting to level up my Landmarks so that means I need coins! I got friends but it seems as though people stop playing or it is too challenging. I am about to be on level 56. Very excited. I always need Quartz and Pearls. I got some rare gathering items that i can trade. I need Top Teak and High Teak as well. Please play and visit everyday. I know how the blocking works and have no problem using it. I was blocking inactive players that were following me. Thought it was not fair to the people who follow me and play everyday. message me that you are wanting to be mutual friends. Thank you! I LOVE EVERYTOWN!!!
  9. CuntyW

    The experience growth stops after grade 80!

    So Level 80 you no longer gain exp points?!
  10. CuntyW

    Connection Failure Notice

    TOM HELP! I am an American Player and I cannot get into Everytown. It keeps saying I am on an Unstable Network. HELP! I was about to buy seeds!
  11. Please don't end the American one!
  12. CuntyW

    [FEATURE] Gather

    I was really excited for this feature to open up. But when I started sending the villagers on their gathering mission, I am getting pretty common items. SO THEN I decided to go through the market place to buy the dishes for them to eat while they gather so the search outcomes give me a better product and STILL get common objects that I don't need. I just want the Mammoth, Reina's Pool and Osaka Castle. Things are too expensive. Gathering is upsetting me. But I want to enjoy all the facets of this game. I will never quit playing. TOM HELP!
  13. On level 38 and really excited to be on level 40 and start doing the Crafting and gathering. I am doing the Olga quests and they are fun but I'd rather create items worth eco Pts and use those items to level up my landmarks (I have the Tower of Pisa AND Notre Dame) My Villagers are located on my Third town. Please help me with cookies and sweaters! I will revisit you if you visit me. Thanks for the help! I love this GAME! P.S. How does one get Tom's Library and what does it do????
  14. CuntyW


    I think I just discovered this can be played in America! Thank you! I got my other friend playing as well. I love this game! Thank you! I'd love to work for the game!