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  1. himacchii

    Research Points and Gather

    Thank you for your answer, it was really helpful! So, you can get 1 Research Point a day by just owning a research building, am I right?
  2. himacchii

    Research Points and Gather

    Not sure if this has been asked before but I haven't found anything about the Research system in FAQ, so question goes to the lucky Downtown owners: how exactly can Research Points be 'acquired' from DT Building? Do you have to buy them with gold or seeds, and if so how much does one RP cost? The lack of information on Research is really confusing uhuh (; w ;) Also, does anyone know exactly if Lo. Moonlit River and Coral Coast maps need premium membership to gather resources there?
  3. himacchii

    I made a drawing of my fav villager! (>w<)

    thank you so much, everyone! I'm happy to know you liked it! ( ; w ; ) <3
  4. It's Muriel enjoying fresh air outside just before the rain starts! Hurry up home, Muriel, I'll give you tea and lots of fresh fruits! <3
  5. himacchii

    No Manners in Helping Mills?

    I've started playing Everytown about 3 months ago and I must say it took me a while before I discovered the 'help ethics' existing in this community. As much as I love the idea of self-organization and creating a friendly environment for everyone, I was surprised to know that some players on here expect others to leave a 'thank you' note every single time they help, and will go as far as to delete or block them if they don't! I mean, first of all, the help system in this game is clearly based on mutual benefit, so how come the helping person is the only one who's supposed to express gratitude? Secondly, there might be people who are just too shy to interact, or simply don't speak your language, or newbies like me who don't feel part of the community yet and mostly concentrate on understanding the gameplay and doing quests in their first weeks. There's absolutely nothing wrong with wanting player interaction but I think you shouldn't spoil other people's game experience by refusing their help and blocking them only because they want to enjoy their games without having to socialize. Well, that's just my opinion : )
  6. himacchii

    Old Pine Tree birds.

    I'm pretty sure these are Korean magpies! ^ ^