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  1. anonymous

    No Manners in Helping Mills?

    Yes, I have some mutuals that come with their subs to help the high level mills. So it's like a single player getting four 48hr mills in 2 days, instead of maximum 2 Other players would want to help the mills too. I agree with you, there are very nice people in ET too. honeybee is one of them, although sadly she quit. 2 of my mutuals recently quit too because they are too busy to play the game. I had an experienced with pw hackers. One of them hacked the mill that I locked for my mutual for trading. Well, I guess the most that we can do is just to block them.
  2. anonymous

    No Manners in Helping Mills?

    Erm so I have been seeing some players that request high XP mills like theme parks and 48hr shops without saying thanks. It's even worse when you let them help for the first time and they dont bother to say thanks for the second time they help your mills. I usually just block them after 3 reminders. To those low level players that said thanks, I usually be friends with them & help their mills whenevr possible. I anticipate that most of you will tell me to let it go because it's just a game, after all. But at least please have a bit of manners. We are sharing some XPs with you to level up faster. Well, perhaps it's just me but I would like to ask the higher level players. Would you accept requests from players that have no manners? Ps: Btw there's too many players quitting the game :'(