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  1. My several friends just run away because twitter broke down........ I think Everytown cannot just ask us to shift accounts again and again, withoutsolving the problem.After Line broke down,then Google+, then Twitter.......how many platforms left and how many times we can shift? I think you should continue your contract with these platforms to solve problem instead of harming the players. And also,your action is very slow,this is not a personal game ,this is a game with mutual friends by exchange system.From reporting problem to finish shifting accounts, you always need more than 8 days .You should take prompt action. And more importantly,why don't open grades after 80? Just open it and many players would be willing to stay playing and paying,eventhough you do not upgrade any facilities.In Korean version, ET had already opened to 110 grade 1.5years ago.
  2. I cannot get into some Twitter accounts from last day onwards.Is there any problems between Everytown and Twitter again?Can the community help?Could Tom please help to fix the problem? Plz don't let us down again and again.Sometimes,when one wants to purchase the game's promotion,problems always appear.It make us not sure to continue purchasing or not. Thanks very much.
  3. I cannot get into all my google accounts since 12 hrs ago.Even I try to create a new google account by buying a new equipment or playing on PC ,it stopped linking up the new google accout at 50%.But it works on a new twitter account......That means google system has something wrong with this game. Can the flero team check the problem and help me to get pass ?Thanks a lot!
  4. The experience growth stops and remains zero once you arrive grade 80! It means any activities afterwards are meaningless!How come!That is no doubt why grade 80 players just leave the game without any reason.They were forced to leave by your game! According to other games’ way of doing,they would still count the experience,once the grade extends, players would upgrade to 81,82,83……immediately, according to the experience earned. That way is much more fair to players. We can bear you do not open higher grade temperately, but we can’t accept zero experience after grade 80! Plz turn the experience growth on, and of course, extend the grade after 80!
  5. Just a thought ......but I do not know if it works or not. Can you guys change the country region of your Apple or Android accounts to America, then download the ET App? I have downloaded the Korean ET App by this method because this App could not be found at my own country 's App store. When there is updates,just change the country region to America and update the App in the store once.Ordinary days you just shift your country information to your own one.I always use this method to dl Apps from different countries. Just some experience sharing.Hope it works.As I don't want to see anybody left again.
  6. looser

    friend list went blank!

    I cannot open my friend list,it went blank!I cannot do any visit and support. Log in very very slowly and keep being logged out automatically per half minute. Some accounts even cannot log in!! Originally,I want to purchase the seed package ,but I can't as it is dangerous to do so...... Can the team fix it quickly?So tired of problems again and again...... And most of the time the problem comes on Friday night.And the team do not do anything during Saturday and Sunday,making the problem worser.According to the past experience,most of the players just went away during these two days because of lacking a prompt solution!
  7. looser

    Unable to login with Facebook-linked account

    Nenrinya,can u login now?I have already sent the method to your sub account.Plz check.
  8. looser

    Unable to login with Facebook-linked account

    This time,I really cannot login by any methods.One hour ago,the fb account broke down and I cannot login even use the above method...... Plz! I hope the team have to delete your holidays these two days and fix the problem first.Last week due to your delayed action,lots of users cannot wait and just run away......and this time,those friends who cannot get in said that they are tired of problems and problems again eventhough they just recovered from LINE......2 days 's delay can change many many things...................................this game needs so much prompt action! Everytime problems drove off players ,and this brings a chain reaction to the existing players also! I just recovered from LINE,and this time FB...Your team should solve the problems with these platforms......
  9. All my accounts linked by LINE cannot log in since several hours ago.Does anyone have the same problem?
  10. Plz help!My account had been deleted accidentally . I wrote my letter on Friday morning 7am. The reply comes at 7pm,asking me to add some more information. However, this is Saturday 4pm at my place,but the problem still had not been fixed. I know that it is normal to have several day’s working.But plz understand that the nature of this game needs to stick with each other so closely. I do not mind if a problem need to be fixed for several months in other games,but not this one. The exchange system needs players to pay attention tightly and had better not to be disappeared more than one day.Otherwise all the exchange mills would be ruined. I had 20+ theme parks exchanged with my friends. And I think the problem would at least needs 2 more days to be fixed as these 2 days are not working day...That makes me really frustrated. I cannot even find a way to compensate the loss of my friends as I do not have 20+ theme parks to pay them…The stress of this game is so high that it seems not to bring players happiness once a problem had not been fixed promptly.The feeling of guilt to my friends really made me want to quit,eventhough I had spent more than 4000 USD on it.This time,it really made me clear. I think this game needs your team to in charge of it much more closely and to have a keen sense of responsibility due to it’s nature. Last time,the problem of logging in had force lots of players to leave. Thanks very much for your attention and patience.
  11. looser

    Help please!

    I can log in now.Thanks,Tom!!!
  12. looser

    Help please!

    Thx Tom. I have send it.But the version is in Chinese.Hope you can fix the problem .
  13. looser

    Help please!

    I delete FB app and dl again.but it still do not work. The same problem appears......
  14. looser

    Help please!

    I have the same problem.I cannot log in my account only by FB. So does Tom means to delete the FBapp and dl again?