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  1. yuyuka

    What is this feature in KET?

    Hello! I have recently downloaded the Korean version of ET. I must say, I like how KET always collaborate with companies to create beautiful shops. Even the landmarks and features such as neighbourhood and couple system are quite interesting. So anyway, I was navigating my way around the game and I saw this feature. What caught my attention is this yellow bar thingy with the word 'Touch!'. When I clicked on it, a LOT of SS and S craft materials show up! WoW Tom, may I know what feature is this? I don't know Hangul so I can't read what it was, thank you!
  2. yuyuka

    [SALE] 50% Bonus SEED

    wow another extra 50% seed event!
  3. yuyuka

    Event or gift?

    I'm hoping for some global event, like all players contribute into winning the grand prizesomething similar to the weekly quest, but each sub quests has a higher amount to be completed. They can also have a train event, where everyone load the train until it reaches the amount required. As for grand prize, I'm thinking of TC or S class craft materials? It can also be high xp mills, theme parks, seeds, etc.. (theme park seems a bit demanding hahaha)
  4. yuyuka

    Gathering Event ^^

    Hi ET team, I would like to ask whether it is possible to have a gathering event where the rates for high class items increase? It's been time consuming and hard to get A~SS items thesedays...
  5. yuyuka

    Unable to Change Profile Picture

    Yes, I have tried deleting the cache and reinstalling the game multiple times. Sometimes it work (the first attempt of uploading pic after reinstalling), but most of the time it doesn't. When I managed to upload the photo, the subsequent uploads are not successful as the problem occurs again. Uploading pictures by the camera option works fine, but not extracting the photos from other sources.
  6. yuyuka

    Unable to Change Profile Picture

    I can't upload pictures from my phone's gallery, file explorer and google photos. It happens whenever I play secret bistro and everytown. When I tried to upload it, no picture was uploaded. I am sure that I gave the apps permission to access my gallery. What could be the problem here? Can I have the support team's email as well? Thank you.