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  1. vlafeea

    I made a drawing of my fav villager! (>w<)

    Whoa, that's awesome! She looks so pretty.
  2. vlafeea

    Event or gift?

    Will there be an event or a gift for Lunar New Year? Because unfortunately there is none for this year's Valentine's Day. (。´︿`。)
  3. vlafeea

    [EVENT] 7 Days of Christmas

    Now this is lovely surprise! Thank you so much EVERYTOWN Team! I barely can wait for these stuff~
  4. vlafeea

    [SPECIAL] Christmas Quest Event

    While I was hoping for a special shop like the last Halloween, 18 seeds are quite a pleasant surprise (free seeds are always welcome lol) Σd(≧ω≦*) グッ Thank you EVERYTOWN Team! Merry Christmas to you too! P.S.: I hope there is more for New Year event│・ω・`)www
  5. vlafeea


    Anyone else is having problem opening the game? I was able to play just fine using my main account until I logged out 30 minutes ago. After that I couldn't get the game to run whatsoever. It keeps giving me "An error has occurred" message even after I deleted the cache/reinstalling the game. ..... heeeeeelp! EDIT: The game is running, it's all good now. Sorry for bothering. ^^;
  6. vlafeea

    [SPECIAL] Halloween Event Quest

    Gold, seeds and a very cute shop. I LOVE IT! ✲゚*:₀。⁄(>⁄ω⁄<⁄人)⁄。₀:*゚✲ Thank you very much EVERYTOWN team~♡
  7. 了解です! (´ω`*)ゞ
  8. こんばんわです! おぉ、いいねナイスアイディア! (´∀`*)b 私は日本語があんまり流ちょうしてないだけど、みんなさんとも話したいんです~ (*´∀`*)ノ゙✧*。
  9. vlafeea

    [BUG] Loading Failure Fixed

    Thank you very much~♡ So glad to have my town back! I have a question tho: Before this crashing issue I had around 70~80k eco, but when I logged in for the first time today my eco was -2k? Tweaked around by switching some mills, I have 10k now. Still I'm wondering what happened to the eco? Am I the only one having this situation?
  10. vlafeea

    Crashing Problem

  11. vlafeea

    Crashing Problem

    I think that issue is being addressed in here?
  12. vlafeea

    Crashing Problem

    Same here. This is certainly saddening. 。゜(つд`゜)゜。
  13. vlafeea

    [UPDATE] 17 Aug 06:00 ~ 08:00

    Today is my weekly 13 seed day, at this rate I probably going to miss it... (;∀;) Hopefully not. *sobs*
  14. vlafeea

    Crashing Problem

    In my case I can play just fine on my alt account using the same device. My alt account IGN is miilo, it's not connected to any SNS account tho.
  15. vlafeea

    Crashing Problem

    Android Nougat 7.1.1 on ASUS_Z01BDB. IGN: vlafeea (Google account) Hope you can help Tom.