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  1. Sunsena

    Research Points and Gather

    Yes! There's admittedly not much in the research shop right now, but hopefully there'll be more in future updates.
  2. Sunsena

    Research Points and Gather

    If you have a research building, it will periodically give you a research point like other mills do - you'll see a flask icon above the building, you tap it, and you get a research point. According to the Department Store, "Research Points reset at midnight (UTC)." Under the gathering/crafting menu, you can then trade accumulated research points for recipes to build stuff like some old theme parks and shops. You don't have to spend any gold or seeds to research stuff thankfully! So far, Coral Coast is the only map that requires a premium membership, and only in one area out of three on that map.
  3. I'm not in the EU but this really upsets me. I'm sad to see that I'll be losing my European friends, but I'm also concerned about what this says for the future of Everytown. Are they not making enough money to maintain their game, despite the constant exclusively seed updates? Is it worthwhile for me to spend money on this game in the future? I appreciate the staff that tries to communicate with us (and even that seems rare in the past year), but I really am doubting the game at this point. It's sad too because it's a beautiful game that I've put money into and I've not found one similar.
  4. Sunsena

    Accounts linked by LINE cannot log in?

    Yeah, this is gonna bork the login counter. What a bummer, I hope it gets fixed soon.
  5. Sunsena

    Why I quit Everytown

    Gonna go ahead and bump this because in March 2018, more than a year later... ALL OF THIS IS STILL TRUE, and it's only gotten worse in my opinion. I see so many of my friends quitting, so many new players who don't bother to stick around, and I genuinely feel like it's because ET is ignoring a lot of this. I went through old News threads from 2016 and people were complaining about a lot of this even then. Please ET, read this and take all of it into consideration.
  6. Sunsena

    I made a drawing of my fav villager! (>w<)

    So cute! Such lovely lace details and soft colors~
  7. Sunsena

    Shop level requirements.

    Exactly. You unlock a bunch of other stuff at level 41, so it makes sense to me? Also it's borderline pointless currently for people to buy a union membership before 41 since they can't buy the shops there, which seems like ET possibly shooting themselves in the foot on a money-making method. Like yeah, the ingredients and whatnot required to run the shops are potentially higher level, but you can usually buy it off the market or find a friend willing to sell it to you.
  8. Sunsena

    30% SEED Sale on SEED Products

    Thank you so much for this! I bought several shops I've had my eye on. c:
  9. For probably half a year now, the level requirement on new seed shops has been raising into the 45+ range, with last month's union shops requiring level 51. The thing is, getting to that level is slow and tedious, and means that lower level players have little incentive to buy seeds, let alone a union membership. I really wish that the level requirement for these new seed shops wouldn't be raised any higher, so that those who are willing to spend seeds can hopefully get what they most want, while ET can still make money. Posting this because my mum, who doesn't have a forum account, bought a union membership with the intention of taking advantage of the current sale. She's level 50, and is pretty disappointed to realize that she's essentially wasted a union membership when she can't even get the shops she wanted. I realize that this wouldn't be a problem if she'd been reading more closely, but considering that it's a 6 level jump from the shops released in December, it's an easy mistake to make and is still pretty disappointing.
  10. Sunsena

    Winter Trees

    After asking around, I found out that the Winter Tree items (Cone, Cube, Ball) used to be available from visiting friends, like the current topiaries are. Can these be made available again? I'd really love to have them for my winter town!
  11. Sunsena

    [HEART BOOST] 20 JAN ~ 25 JAN

  12. Sunsena

    Old Pine Tree birds.

    What kind of birds are on the ground of the Old Pine Tree?
  13. Sunsena

    [EVENT] 7 Days of Christmas

    Wow, that is a lot of goodies! Thank you so much for this generosity!
  14. Sunsena

    [HEART BOOST] 8 DEC ~ 12 DEC

    Thank you very much!
  15. Sunsena

    [SPECIAL] Halloween Event Quest

    Wow, thank you for this! Both me and my mum love it, such a cute shop!